"I want, I want, I want ... but that's crazy"

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I swear, this has never happened to me before...

So here's a pisser:

My Sunday started off as it ordinarily does, morning hanging out at home while the kids play, then take Book home to his dad's then out to lunch with the girls.

It was a good lunch. Munch was a little sulky, but overall, it wasn't bad. Then the check comes. I reach over and pick up my coat for my purse underneath - only.... IT'S NOT THERE. I give Gin the keys to the car to go get it. She comes back empty-handed. It's not there either. For the first time EVER, I've not only walked out of my house without my purse, but I didn't notice when we got out of the car, I didn't notice when we sat down to lunch, and I didn't notice the whole time we were eating.

I caught the waitress and told her, "I left walked out of my house without my purse. Look, I'll leave the kids up front and run home and get it." Add in several highly embarrassed statements there as well. She said, "That's fine. They can stay right there (at the table). I'll keep an eye on them." So they stayed and ate dessert and played tic-tac-toe and drank their drinks while I drove 40 minutes roundtrip through worsening snow to fetch my purse.

Munch had to be back home for her Christmas program at school by 6:40, so by this time, we were looking at a very tight schedule. I returned with my purse, paid the bill, and we headed to the grocery store - which could not wait another day, since I skipped the trip last week. We stuck to the list and made a mad dash through that place in RECORD time!

We made it though. And Munch remembered her line.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

All's well (HTF did *that* happen?!)

My quitting-smoking campaign is still going strong. I'm nearing two weeks without a normal cigarette and don't miss them at all. The transition to the e-cigs has been the easiest thing in the world! And considering I started at the mid-level nicotine, I think I'll be stepping down fairly easily from that as well.

Thanksgiving was interesting with them. EVERYONE in my family smokes, but my mom was kind enough to send them to a table in the garage to light up. (When I walked in the house, I told her that I could smell it already. She said, "No problem, everyone can smoke in the garage when the get here.") Very considerate of her, I thought, especially since she and my stepdad smoke too, and it IS their house. So I sat at the table and vaped on my Blu cig, and everyone had to stop and ask about it. How was it? How much did it cost? How's it working for you? Etc. I repeated the pitch so many times, I thought I should be on the payroll for Blu!

Everything else is going along well. I'm actually looking forward to going into the office (most days), and I'm smiling a lot more. I even seem to have become more appealing in general! Haha!

I had a brief moment of disappointment earlier this week, which, if it had come at another time, probably would have been a crushing blow that left me a wreck. Fortunately though, I had a very positive turn of events as well, that's had me in a very good mood of late. Unfortunately, I can get into that here - but be happy for me. It's quite good. :)