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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cash flow relief

That blessed time of year has arrived again - tax time. Ok, I know a lot of people aren't so thrilled about tax time, but for me, it means a refund check that gives me some real breathing room for a few months. It also enables me to make those purchases of big-ticket items that I've been needing or know I will be needing soon. This year, it will also enable me to put back some cash in advance for the upcoming Manchester United North American tour - so yes, I will get to see my boys live in action again.

For the past couple of years, I haven't had the breathing room I would have liked. Year before last, my whole tax refund check went toward paying my student loan, which had been in default so it was automatically taken. Last year, about 2/3 of my refund went to paying off the rest of it. At least that's now gone forever. Yeah, must say I'm really cherishing that education considering the crap living it's afforded me so far...

This year, I'm looking at buying a new TV - the old one's been barely hanging on, even though it's only used for DVD viewing and the occasional plug-n-play video game. The power button doesn't even work on it, so I had to buy a new remote (the old one died) just to turn it on and off. I also am in need of a new mattress to replace my 12-year-old one. I'm seriously considering a new washer and dryer as well, though I really hate to spend the money on them. I've had them since I moved into this place nine years ago, and the dryer is making some very unpleasant noises - then again, that might just be when Pooh overloads it, as he usually does. Maybe I'll set aside the money in a savings account for a "just in case" purchase later and wait for them to actually die.

I'll also be having some dental work done. I've got a few cavities that need filling, and there's no reason to put them off any longer. I'll have an exam and find out what else I might need there.

Here's the TMI bit - stop reading now if you want.

I'll also be having my IUD removed soon. That was a ten-year birth control device that proved to be mostly wasted, as the vast majority of the last ten years I've been completely alone. Oh well, at least I did get a little use out of it along the way. Of course, now I'm actually seeing someone, I'll have to figure out what I'm going to next.