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Monday, March 31, 2008

Another Clinton spin.....

One of the top news stories out of the Associated Press today, by Beth Fouy, begins as follows:
HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton accused rival Sen. Barack Obama and his allies of trying to stop people from voting as some of his backers have called on her to drop out of the presidential race. The Obama campaign rejected the charge, dismissing Clinton's criticism as "completely laughable."
In a series of television interviews in states holding upcoming contests, Clinton vowed to press on with her campaign and suggested Obama and his supporters wanted to keep those states from playing a role in selecting the party's presidential nominee.
"My take on it is a lot of Senator Obama's supporters want to end this race because they don't want people to keep voting," she told CBS affiliate KTVQ in Billings, Mont. "That's just the opposite of what I believe. We want people to vote. I want the people of Montana to vote, don't you?"
(Are you kidding me?!?! Was she addressing a group of six-year-old children?!)

Click here to read full story

We all know that Hillary Clinton is a master of disingenuousness, but this is really taking it too far.
It's become all too common for losing political candidates to accuse their opponents of all variations of voter fraud - and indeed, such fraud has occurred at various points throughout history. But this is an interesting twist on the concept - that Obama's people are attempting to prevent people from voting by encouraging Clinton to drop out of the race. (Although Obama has said that Clinton is welcome to keep running as long as she likes, and it hasn't been anyone in Obama's official camp who has stated that she should drop out. As I recall, wasn't SHE suggesting that HE should drop out and maybe consider a vice-presidential spot on her own ticket just a few weeks ago?)
This vote-blocking measure she suggests echoes her noisy protests about the so-called disenfranchisement of the Florida and Michigan primary voters, stating that Obama didn't want the people in those states to have a voice in the nomination. She wasn't complaining when she thought she was going to sweep the nation, and he didn't stand a chance against her. This argument is as weak and disingenuous as that one was.
The ironic little twist of it all is that Hillary Clinton has begun accusing Barack Obama and his team of all those tactics that were so long and so widely used to disenfranchise the black voters of this nation. We certainly have come a long way - haven't we?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Music MPD, or "I'm so confused!"

I was listening this afternoon to a great new radio station we've got going here. Its slogan is "We play anything." They really do, too. And somehow, it always seems to be stuff I like. It's a good little illustration of how I don't seem to fit in anywhere.
I was singing along to the Scorpions' "Rock You Like a Hurricane" as I pulled up behind a church bus thinking about back in high school when I used to love that song. Then it was followed immediately by Simon & Garfunkel's "Kodachrome," to which I shouted, "I LOVE this song!" and proceeded to sing along with every word of that as well. Then I did the same with Pat Benatar, Donovan, the Monkees, Bob Marley, Matchbox Twenty, Men Without Hats, Styx, Bananarama, Van Halen, UB40, and so on. I realized at that point that I must have a tremendous amount of brain space occupied by song lyrics through the ages, and maybe I should try to make my fortune on one of those "Don't Forget the Lyrics" shows. (There are two, aren't there?)
I often describe myself as having Music MPD (multiple personality disorder). I know it's true. When I'm home, I'm as likely to be listening to Tchaikovsky as I am the Pussycat Dolls - or Sara Bareilles, or Delroy Wilson, or Metallica, or Tuck and Patti, or Candlebox, or Christina Aguilera...
Coming soon.....my top songs through the decades.

(I know - it's cliche, but so's bitching about politicians and referring to things as "random".......)

It's the economy, stupid.....and pastor problem part II

I feel so powerful! Two days ago I said that I wanted to hear the candidates address the economy, and today, all three did! (Okay, I'm kidding that I think my comment had anything to do with it. I'm not delusional - just a little unwell.....hehe)
I have to admit that I wasn't able to get all three speeches in their entirety (and the president's speech on the war on terror - it was a busy day!), so I won't be making any specific comments on the speeches.
I'm following the new pastor debacle - Pastor James David Manning calling Obama "trash" and "born of trash." This one's going to be interesting. Even Sean Hannity argued that Obama is a human being and deserves to be treated better and that such speech was completely unacceptable. Well, I think there might be a little less controversy about this pastor problem. But then again, I've been proven too naive before....

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


In addition to my head cold, I experienced the joy of tooth extraction today. I'm going to bed...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Apparently, I couldn't resist commenting...

American Idol notes:

- I thought Jason Castro's number was fantastic. It wasn't vocally brilliant, but it was just such a sweet tune and the execution was quite lovely.
- Brooke was nice but completely forgettable tonight.
- Michael Johns is not going anywhere that's for sure. I thought he was slacking for a little while there, but he was back tonight.
- Carly got a little screechy.
- Wonder boy Archuleta got a little too obscure, didn't he? Not a bad performance, but nothing exceptional.
-Kristy Lee Cook's song choice was brilliant. It was screamingly obvious - but Simon called it - pretty ingenious.
- LOVED what David Cook did with Billie Jean! YES! "Blazing molten hot!" Randy said. Indeed!
My call: Hmmm.....I'm putting Ramiele and Chikezie in the bottom. Could go either way......

Oh, how could you?

Some who know me are questioning how I - a once-avowed Conservative (although I have since disavowed any labeling of myself, as I have found it to be far too limiting) - can support Barack Obama in this election, especially as he has been identified as one of the farthest-Left members of Congress.
Different periods in history have different priorities and of course, different circumstances. Who is the right man or woman for the job depends on the time in history.
It is my belief that this particular time in history needs to see a beginning to healing of the racial divisions in this country.
Granted, there are several of his positions politically that I don't necessarily agree with, but I can live with that for several reasons.
On the war:
Public opinion so staunchly against the war that continuation of it, regardless of outcome, will be met with protests of growing vehemence from the public. The only option at this point, for an incoming president, would be to either pull out the troops and let the chips fall where they may, or get in and recognize that the area would be greatly destabilized by precipitous withdrawal at this point and explain to the public more of the reality of the situation. The further risk in this is obvious for whomever is elected - as a first-termer, there's a future at stake on a personal level too. It will prove to be a fine line to walk for any, but I don't think a Republican can provide ANY explanation for staying in Iraq that will satisfy the masses - regardless of how reasonable or logical or sensible it may seem. As I see it, a Democrat HAS to win the White House - if for no other reason than because a paradigm shift is needed at this moment to restore balance. It has always been thus - different administrations and different parties, certainly, have different priorities. Some areas get special focus while others tend to be neglected. Periodically, the whole thing has to be flipped, so everything can be properly tended. Some areas are more important to history at a specific moment in time.
On health care:
I am not a supporter of government-sponsored universal health coverage, because it is a massive expansion of government control over an area (medicine) that most effectively and efficiently functions when under the control of the private sector. We can debate that later if you want, but I'm not going further into it now. Now, having said that, with my assumption that there will be a Democrat in the White House come January, on the health plan question I find Obama's plan far more palatable than Clinton's. Her mandate for adults to have coverage is far too socialistic for my taste. This is America. Adults should be able to make decisions for themselves. (Yes, there are exceptions, but I'm not covering everything just now. Please feel free to raise questions or argue with me any time.)
On the economy:
While this one is considered the No. 1 issue on the minds of Americans lately, for some reason it still doesn't seem to be the issue that's really getting the attention. I've heard some lip service from all three remaining major candidates, but I don't think I've really heard from anyone any specific plan for economic recovery. Details - I want details. It's the elephant in the room, folks. At some point, you're going to have to admit that it's there and figure out what we're doing about it.

There's more, but I'll leave it at that for now.....

My Dove chocolate Promises message today : Find your passion.

Monday, March 24, 2008

40 Mistakes to share

I came across this and had to share .... 40 Mistakes Men Make When Having Sex With Women. The rest of the blog is pretty good too, so check it out!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lesson No. 2 - Learn to talk.....

News burnout...

I'm watching the news every day, and I think I'm just getting too burned out on it all. I'm not going to repeat myself as CNN chooses to do every 46 minutes, so I'll make a brief statement on ALL of the other headlines I'm seeing lately -


Now I'm going to bed...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Fantasy art

I'm not generally a fantasy art fan....although I can see the appeal. But this one stole my breath away for a moment.......

Pebbles on the path

Things I came across randomly today:

- Geena Davis' name is misspelled in the opening credits for Thelma & Louise. No, seriously. I've never watched the movie, but it came on TV today, and I saw the opening credits. I couldn't believe it and looked more closely. There it was: "Genna Davis"

- Bloggers and columnists are impressing me - and the TV folks are depressing me - on their coverage of Obama's speech. TV folks seem to be focusing on Obama's refusal to sever all connection with his pastor. Seems a little off to me...

- Beyond America's Original Sin in today's New York Times. Read this. Please.

- This story is tragicomedy at its finest BUMMER

- Late breaking news tells of some contract workers checking out Obama's passport application papers. Two workers were fired and one was reprimanded, it seems. Oh, and this apparently happened two months ago, and it's just now getting out. This is going to get interesting over the next few days.....

Too tired for much more tonight. Maybe I'll get some sleep............

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Take it from a naive idealist........

I've been called naive more than once in my life (always figured it had more to do with my appearance and personable disposition than with any real perception of my understanding of the world). I always denied it, but I'm beginning to think it's true.
I waited with great anticipation for Barack Obama's speech yesterday. It was everything I wanted him to say, but more than I'd ever hoped possible. For too long now, open discourse has been nonexistent in this country, as there are certain topics that we're just not allowed to talk about. In our modern America, the biggest taboo topic of all has been race. There is no understanding, because in any case of misunderstanding or lack of knowledge, we're NOT ALLOWED to ask. I was elated to hear Obama speak so openly and passionately from his own experiences on this issue - opening the door for more candid discussion all the way around.
After experiencing this moment in history, I could not imagine that anyone could have a negative reaction to this speech. Okay, not ANYONE, because there's no shortage of small-minded, pathetic examples of humanity, but as for thinking and reasonable people, I thought the response would be a universal welcome to the introduction of a free exchange of thoughts and ideas, the beginning to true understanding. (THAT, btw, was the naive part.)
I'm stunned and baffled at how many of the responses from so many seemingly intelligent people has been so negative. I really thought intelligent people would welcome the open dialogue, but instead, people are still complaining that he hasn't sufficiently denounced his pastor yet. Seriously?!?! This is the priority for people?!?! Or is it that the need to AVOID discussion of race so strong that people will cling to any weak argument they can to get away from it?
What I got out of that speech is that THIS is a man we NEED at this time in our history. And it's not about the war, or the economy, or health care - it's getting people to come together and opening their eyes. Nothing will ever be resolved for us until we can make that happen.
I've been reading commentary saying this is the speech he never wanted to give, on the subject he'd rather avoid - I think exactly the opposite is true. This is the subject that needed to be discussed and dealt with - it's been swept under the rug for too long now. The condition of race relations in this country, in this century is shameful - and much of that is because, for so long now, we haven't been ALLOWED to talk about it.
Like him or not, Obama reaches out in his oratory and grabs a person by the heart and doesn't let go. He could be saying almost anything and it wouldn't matter. The power of his speech has his listeners crying out "yes! yes! I will follow you!" History's most well known examples of speakers like these are the legendary evil ones - like Hitler - and the stereotypical ones like cult and private militia leaders. But this skill in a man of integrity and honor and sincerity in the package of a man who is the personification of unity can bring about profound shifts in race relations in this country. And it's about time. It's well past time. This has gone on far too long. I only pray that he is indeed a man of integrity and honor and sincerity. We need it so desperately right now.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Must read

I wanted to make available to anyone who might have missed it the full text of Barack Obama's speech (<-- click here ) as prepared for delivery today.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Lose the labels and look for yourself

To me, "conservative" means smaller government, lower taxes, individual freedom, personal responsibility and accountability, and less government involvement in our private lives. That said, I'll be the first one to admit - to argue strongly, in fact - that the vast majority of politicians representing themselves as conservatives are the furthest thing imaginable from that ideal.
And while I generally have identified myself publicly as a conservative, I will be the first to say - nay, to STRESS EMPHATICALLY - that I hold many views on issues that are decidedly NOT conservative in conservatism's current incarnation. For just a few examples, I support gun control (done CORRECTLY - thoughtless and broad bans of guns just criminalize gun ownership, and the criminals aren't terribly concerned about that); I support an independent Palestinian state; I support the right to gay marriage (the slippery slope and/or destruction of the family arguments are complete crap - and I'll probably address that issue all on its own in the future); I support the separation of church and state (although I do NOT believe that includes barring the practice of religion publicly - provided that religious practice falls within the bounds of law as established to protect the general public).
I believe a lot of things that don't fit into anyone's mold, but I've found that the fact that I have professed myself to be a conservative has painted me into a corner of representing the 'evil empire,' and no matter who I really am or what I really believe in, some will never view me as anything else.
Now, that said, I'm not even supporting a Republican in this presidential election. I waited and watched through the primary process and the early debates, and I watched as the number of candidates grew and grew until they started dropping off one by one. Throughout it all, I was unable to find one candidate who exemplified what I wanted in a president. I heard the same from nearly all others on the right, or Republican, or conservative 'side.' When it all came down to McCain, I was left with the choice of supporting the Republican party for the sake of following the party line (which is not something I would ever do without belief in the candidate), support the 'other' party for a different candidate with positions more in line with my own (although there is not anyone left in the race with a strong similarity to my own position) or stay out of the process entirely. My conscience does not allow me to stay out of the process - I'm a firm believer in the responsibility of active participation of an INFORMED electorate. So I have found the candidate who is most closely aligned with my positions and current priorities from those available to me. Of course I should add that I don't believe that anyone currently running for the office has the intention AND ability AND knowledge to actually fulfill the promises being presented. But that's probably because I don't really trust anyone - particularly politicians - so don't try to argue character with me on that last statement.
My point of this, which has been lost somewhere along the way, I'll admit, is to look beyond the broad labels generated to more comfortably contain individuals into the category of "us" or "them." People are people are people. Each of us can find SOMETHING in any other person that we have in common, that we hold in opposition, that we admire, that we despise, that we respect and that we find shameful. No two of us are the same - so what exactly is "us" and "them" anyway?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Guess who...

I just needed to share this extraordinarily well-written and well-presented item.......
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

Friday, March 14, 2008

About time

I'm just thinking about time.... Is time spent in a failing endeavor time wasted? No, it can't be. I don't even have to ask that. And with the relativity of time, the time spent can't even be quantified - or at least, it can't be qualified. Sometimes, it's hard to know - to recognize from within the situation - when it's time to spend time somewhere else. We can't be in two places at once. We place value on our time. But how much of that time do we spend on things that might not be worth our time? Or at least, not worth so much of our time. What are we missing out on during that time spent? Are we gaining more than we are losing, and when that balance shifts, how do we recognize it? It begins with frisson. With time comes comfort and familiarity. But time can also bring friction. And friction unchecked can lead to destruction. Giving it more time doesn't make anything better.
How about effort? Is it worth the effort? I'm running out of effort. I just have to give it some more time......................................................................................................then what?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Make someone smile

I made a person smile today. It was a small thing. All I did was recognize a job well done. But still, that person appreciated the recognition and responded with an enthusiastic "thank you" e-mail, and I knew there was a broad smile behind it. I'm not particularly close to this person, but still, it felt wonderful to know that I had brought this instant of happiness to someone.
It seems a trivial thing really. Now, I'll admit, there's a sort of preteen, bubblegum, girly feel to the personal slogan, "Make someone smile today." But think, wouldn't it be nice if more people thought that way? It doesn't have to be something important - just the tiniest little thing can bring a smile that can carry on as a slightly lifted spirit for long after the moment itself. Honestly, what girl CAN'T say that it feels good even hours later when someone in passing during the day says something as simple as, "I LOVE those shoes!"? (I'm sure guys must have some kind of equivalent, but I'm not sure what you all think about besides sex. Maybe sports? I don't know...... still love you though. ;) )
Today, I told an editor, "Fantastic headline!" and I know the little lift from that will carry on. Call me selfish, but it really feels good. Or spot that happiness grows exponentially and choose to make yourself feel a little better today by making someone else feel a little better. What have you got to lose?

Enjoy a little moment...

All over the news today, it's all about New York Gov. Spitzer's prostitution scandal. One of the area news channels put together a package of "man-on-the-street" clips. I wasn't paying much attention (as I said, it's been on all day), but one young woman's quote leapt out at me:

"There aren't very many noble people anymore."

I could write a treatise on the nobility - or lack thereof - of man. And I could write it just from the events of these past few days or so.

But that particular mood of that particular moment has passed, and I am enjoying the moment now. Isn't that what we need to do sometimes?
Especially when we look around us every day and we recognize that the nobility of man is so very lacking, don't we sometimes need to just find one moment and relish it for a while?

I was 'accused' of being a romantic today. It's probably true. But still, take a little moment.

My little moment today was a small spontaneous event that was unexpected yet eagerly anticipated. Aren't those always the best ones?

I love tracing through my personal history to find those little moments that altered the course of my life. I am living in an interesting convergence of those moments now. I am excited to see where I will go from here. There are many more little moments out there to experience.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Where are the *good* vibes?

Part of my horoscope for today: "Today, your feelings will only get in your way and distract you from doing what you need to do." Nailed it.
Hoping for maybe a little talk with a friend today. Thinking about...possibilities. Comes a time in life when one just HAS to step up and take a chance. The question becomes, "Why not?" Are there really any arguments against it anymore?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Just a little patience

Something about today had a strange kinda vibe. Did you ever have one of those days that on the surface appeared completely normal and nondescript, but something just felt *wrong* about it? That was me today. A big part of me is thinking that an upcoming trip just might spell the end of an "us" - or maybe the beginning of the end. No particular reason. There's just something that feels *wrong.* I guess I'll have to wait and see.
Yes, patience. At some point does patience become cowardice? Sometimes we just have to wait for something to come around, but do we reach a point when we are just waiting because we're afraid to actively go after it? Curious too.....that patience in one area of life can in some way seem to stoke a fire in another area. Ever notice how a stagnant period in a relationship can spur one on to attain new career achievements? Or vice versa. Are we trying to compensate for what we are lacking - as if we SHOULD have everything all at once? Or maybe it's all part of the ebb and flow of life, and it naturally tends that highs will occur in some areas as lows occur in others, and one's focus shifts and changes accordingly. If that is the case - that it is the natural order of things - should we stop fighting to have everything in life and just enjoy what we have while we have it? And sometimes we have to wait for another's ebb to meet our flow. How do we know when to stop waiting? To either chase the tide or go elsewhere?

Secret pleasures, part 1

Can I talk about guilty, secret pleasures? We all have them, in varying degrees of severity. I'm indulging in one right now. It's the Courteney Cox series "Dirt" on FX. I cannot stand to watch - and therefore, I actually DON'T watch (for the most part *wink*) - the latest celebrity scandals in the tabloids or the pseudo-news 24-hour streams on cable. But fictionalized, I am loving it. Season two is taking a bit of a turn from the season one direction, but I'm finding that I'm still hooked on it. I recommend the show to anyone (is there anyone?) reading this....
It's followed by another dirty little secret of mine, "Mad Men" on AMC. Has anyone seen this show yet? Some of the best television writing I've seen in ages. "Do you want another drink?" - "I don't know...." - (whole room in unison) "Not a writer." Hahaha! Brilliant! (Ok - you probably had to be there....or be a writer.....)
Want another naughty, secret pleasure? Try two parts cream sherry to three parts black cherry flavor fizzy water. Mmmmm......nummy and naughty! Ooo, and in that same vein, I've discovered a special passion for moscato d'asti, too. That one had a moment associated with its introduction.... No, to tell the truth, it had what COULD have been a moment, but it was lost somehow. It makes me wonder sometimes if this has all been an illusion... No, I don't think it has been....but even so, has it run its course?
I don't have the strength for anything more tonight. Hmm....I'll have to revisit the secret pleasure topic another time though.....

Saturday, March 8, 2008

This thing called love...

Wanted: One kind and truly beautiful soul willing and capable of giving me a love as pure and complete as the love I offer in return.

Is that too much to ask?

Now, what about this thing called love? What it is really? That's one of those questions that if you asked a hundred people, you'd get 99 different answers. (I say 99 because one of them would be, "agree with everything my sweetie says" - that one would be wrong, of course - but somebody'd think it anyway.) And for love to work, does it require that both parties see love in the same way? Or to look at it another way, could it even be that in order for love to really work, both parties need to see love in different ways that complement and complete each other?
And is it ever ok to settle for less than that? What's worth settling for, and what is settling?
And if I were to come across someone, who in another circumstance of life might be perfect for me, but in life as we know it, can never be a real and lasting relationship - would it be wrong of me to consider enjoying a short time with this person and indulging in what could certainly make a memory worthy of carrying within each of the two of us for the rest of our days? Are we to regret that which gives us happiness even if we know that it is to be for just a little while?
And how do we know? What is that attraction - that indefinable feeling beyond physical appearance and shallow acquaintance - what is that FEELING that makes one stand out from among a hundred as someone who is - special? Then, beyond that, when we have identified (without any comprehension as to how...) that one person who stands as special, to what lengths do we go to nurture and reap the rewards of that attraction - at least in the case of that even rarer gift - that of the mutual attraction? It is rare enough to find that one who stands out among the others, and it is rarer still that the object of that attraction should happen to find that *you* are one who stands out to him. So in that wonderful predicament when the appeal is mutual, what is to be done when life circumstances render a long-term relationship all but an impossibility? I have to say, there is a strong voice in me telling me that it can be worth feeling the love as it happens, even if it can't last.

Friday, March 7, 2008


This just in.....there's a blizzard warning in effect until 4 p.m. tomorrow....ugh.....I'll never get to leave the house again....

In our MSN convo yesterday - and again in our call today - *** informed me that his favorite music site had been busted, and it reminded me that I have not yet begun to replace the hundreds - if not thousands - of music files I lost in a recent software glitch. Some of those files were back-ups of CDs that have since become damaged and unusable. Now I'm working on back-ups of back-ups. I hate to lose music. Now, while this seems like a good opportunity for a discourse on the morality/legality of music downloading, I won't be getting into it tonight. I just don't have it in me right now.

Looking at headlines, I see that Hillary Clinton is in Wyoming right now marketing herself now as the "underdog." I think yesterday she was the one to beat again (but not if you look at the math of it really...) - the one with all the momentum. (And the super-delegate advantage.....) Ah well, I guess it depends on your audience. Funny too how a few weeks ago nobody gave a damn what the few delegates in Wyoming were going to do, but now, it's a different story. A few months ago, when Michigan and Florida were moving up their primaries to jump the starting line, everybody thought the whole thing would be decided by Super Tuesday for sure. Then the so-called Super Tuesday II (March 4 - including Ohio) would be the end - or at least the band would be tuning up for somebody's swan song. Now, it's still so far up in the air that the candidates are stumping - HARD! - in W Y O M I N G . Wow - this is a really good sport....
(I think nearly every day about how this whole thing compounds the tragedy of Hunter S. Thompson's suicide. The old man would have loved this election, don't ya think? This one's a real history maker, and he fantasized about living in the middle of something like this one. As jaded as he'd become, this race would've set him on fire. Just imagine the book he would have written ......)
But anyway, I understand Hillary's now hinting at the possibility of placing Obama on her ticket as her running mate if she gets the nom. Personally, I don't buy it. I think it's a way for her to appeal to people who might think they can get both of them. For those still straddling the fence. Interesting little ploy there.... I just find it a little hard to believe considering she's making a point of skewering him at every turn. It wouldn't be the first time something like that has happened in politics, but still, I don't believe it. If Obama gets it, I think it might be a good call to put Edwards on as his running mate. But if history is any indication on that one, it won't be such an obvious choice. Then again...............this one isn't like any other in history......
Now, how about the other side? Now that McCain's got it wrapped up, who's gonna be HIS running mate? This question could work in his favor and help keep him in the headlines in the coming weeks. Conventional wisdom says that favor is on the side that finds its nominee early and can take advantage of the additional time to promote him. However, McCain is more likely to fall out of the headlines with the intensity of the race on the other side. And frankly, McCain has been the presumed winner on the GOP side for long enough that people had already stopped paying attention to the Republican race a while ago - since Romney so suddenly dropped his bid, I think.
Oh and I mustn't forget about how the Dems have suddenly got a REAL problem with that whole early-primary thing in Michigan and Florida. Obviously, it would be to Clinton's advantage to get those delegates legitimated - since she took both states. But doing that would be awfully hypocritical since they were breaking THEIR OWN PARTY RULES. So they've been bouncing around the idea of a "do-over." The absurdity of the whole situation is just priceless.....May we live in interesting times indeed.....

I'll close with the words of Rob Thomas:
"Reach down your hand in your pocket. Pull out some hope for me. It's been a long day.........."

Pause in midstream of consciousness....

Well, the snow hit. And boy, did it hit! It started about four hours ago, and I have yet to see it actually fall to the ground. As near as I can tell, it's moving directly from left to right. It must be hitting the ground at some point because I can see it down there. Really....this hibernation idea is looking better and better....
Seven hours in, and this snow isn't getting any lighter. On the contrary, it seems to be getting even heavier. I don't think I'll be going anywhere today...
Most of my day was spent working, and the rest has been wandering around online - which actually, is *work* for me, in a way. I write a weekly column about the Internet, so surfing is part of my duty. Besides, lately, the poker rooms at Facebook and the blogs of a few of my friends and other persons of acquaintance are my only contacts with the outside world. Good thing I kick ass at Texas Hold'em. :)
I look forward to the weather clearing, so I can get out some time within the coming weeks though. I never seem to, but I really need to make a point of getting out into the world again. My cave has become a bit too comfortable for my comfort (if ya know what I mean).

Everyone seems to be checking up on me tonight. My son Pooh (17) stopped at a friend's house after school and actually called me to check in....impressive. My son Book (11) called to say hi in case I can't get out to pick him up tomorrow. My mom called me to tell me she was sent home from work early because of the weather. *** even called. It was pretty good. He said again, though, that he couldn't live in Russia. As if I would ever ask him. As if I can't exist anywhere else. "What are you going to do? Move to Canada?" "Ask me after the election." I probably could though - if I ever really believed that I could be the only one for him. That'll never happen though, so it's no place to dwell. I'm on to healthier places. Really. I am. I swear.



I'm getting a little stir crazy.

I'm also missing my friend from across the pond a little bit. Hmm....that particular line of thinking requires further analysis......

Quittin' now....maybe more later.....it's an odd night......


The big thaw....and the emergence of insomnimusings...

Have you ever seen one of those nature specials that shows the massive chunks of ice breaking away from the iceberg and crashing into the sea? I feel as if I'm living in one of those today as the temperature rises and the inch-thick layer of ice is being shed from the roof. Sporadically and without warning, the house rumbles and a huge sheet of ice falls past my window. I'll be sure to take care when I go out today and step quickly from the threshold to my car.


Now my new blog will begin to take on its anticipated shape. (Random and meandering.....don't even TRY to make sense of it.....)  Probably a good thing nobody's reading it yet - it'll give me the opportunity to break it in a bit. :) It's late at night....and as usual, I'm nowhere near falling asleep....

The big thaw came today, and I ventured out again. It appears that not a single tree in the region escaped damage from the ice. Picked up some Chinese food and got back to my cubby. Can't believe they're now calling for several inches of snow. The time change is this weekend too. Isn't spring supposed to be happening at some point here soon? 

I got to talk to *** for a little while on MSN. I felt a little better, but then, as usual, he said something that just struck me as absurd. I can't be more specific than that, but it's got me thinking again.........

Did I mention that I don't sleep? Well, there's one reason right there.....

Oooh, I watched the Idol results show tonight (well, I half-watched it...I was chatting with *** at the time). No big shocks really going into the top 12, but I was glad to see "Carrie Underwood-Light" - aka Kady something - kicked off. She just bugged me for some reason. And I was a little surprised to see Danny Noriega get hit. I figured he'd at least be in the top 12. Knew the lovely Aussie fella, Michael Johns, would be staying, even though he really didn't blow me away this week. He's just got too much...slurp appeal...for the gals calling in their votes to let him go just yet. I expected Luke to get cut - his number this week hurt my ears, and his farewell version wasn't any better. Personally, I like Jason. There's just something about him that's completely adorable, but not in that 'hit-you-over-the-head-with-my-cuteness-David Archuletta' kind of way. :)

What's next? Of course....politics. Boy, I'm a political junkie, but honestly! Enough is enough! I LOVE to watch it! It's by far the most exciting and fascinating and titillating spectator sport in the known world, but for chrissake I wish it would get the hell out of my personal life! And I don't mean in the usual way - as in anything the politicians are legislating that's having an effect on my life. No! My biggest political problem right now is ***!! It's really on the verge of insanity - or at least utter ridiculousness. He takes all the fun out of politics for me......

(No - no one is supposed to understand any of what I just wrote there......that's why I'm writing it while no one is reading yet....)

Anyway, I came to the decision tonight that I don't have to accept less than I deserve. And I deserve to be loved by someone who appreciates me and loves me completely and wants only me. I don't think that's too much to ask. Not considering the kind of love I give.  *** knows what he has to lose if he loses me. (Yeeeeeeeessssssssss........I recognize that he's crept into my every thought tonight...)

Oh, good topic on TV right now. Superdelegates. Does it strike anyone how ironic it seems that the so-called party of the people, the Democrats, have this system that allows the party bosses to essentially veto the will of the people if the popular vote is for one candidate and the party machine leaders think it should be the other guy. Granted, the superdelegates can't swing it if there is an overwhelming majority for one candidate, but in years like this - WHOA! - what kind of power is that for unelected people in this DEMOCRATIC supposed representative government system of ours?!?!

Okay, enough for tonight. I'll leave you with the latest advice from my Dove chocolate wrappers:

"Don't think about it so much."


 "Lose yourself in a moment."

See? I keep saying chocolate is the answer to everything......or if not, I can always seek out a beach in Italy.....

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I was awakened by a text message informing me that school was canceled for the day. No surprise there. A quick glance outside tells me......I can't see outside for the glaze of ice on my window screen. Well, it was a late night working on the election results, so at least I was able to roll over and go back to sleep. 
I was awakened a second time by another text message....this one from *** informing me that the weather is still awful in Toronto, and he wants to go home. After Thursday, his schedule will be empty, and he doesn't return home to Vancouver until Tuesday, but he still can't find time to travel an hour to meet me in Buffalo, while I'm willing to find the time to drive seven hours to get there. Ah well... I can't let it bother me so much anymore.
I did get to have a lovely chat yesterday with a dear new friend across the pond who wasn't feeling at his best. I'd hoped to be a comfort to him, but I think he managed to make me feel better instead. Or maybe it went both ways. He is such a darling. I'm glad our paths have crossed in this life and hope there may be more to come. 
Fortunately, considering the foul weather, I was able to stay in today and work from home. However, the confinement did wear on the girls (Gin, 9, and Munch, 6), so their friendly play quickly devolved into petty bickering and eventually, physical conflict. Munch bit Gin and found herself standing in a corner for quite a long time. So long, in fact, that by the time she was allowed out, Gin immediately invited her back to play. Gin still bears a nasty looking bite imprint in the center of her chest, but I guess anything is forgivable if there is only one available playmate and the rest of the world is encased in ice.
Looks as though I'll be wandering out of my winter cave tomorrow. At least the temperature is expected to be above freezing.
For now, another quiet evening at home. Nearly time for Idol...

Monday, March 3, 2008

A new adventure

As I embark on the new adventure that is my life, I invite the faceless masses to peek into my world - and thus, the adventure begins.......