"I want, I want, I want ... but that's crazy"

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Zoo with the kids

After getting only five hours of sleep Friday night, I took the kids to the Cincinnati Zoo yesterday. We got to see Burned Jesus, formerly known as Touchdown Jesus or Big Butter Jesus, officially known as King of Kings, now known as The Monument to Our Robot Overlords, along the way. If we'd gone when I originally planned, we would have seen it intact. Funny sort of irony that it was thunderstorms that kept us from going then, and it was a thunderstorm that destroyed it.

It was raining throughout the entire drive. As we got about halfway there, I started to feel a little odd. It was similar to a couple of weeks ago when I was driving Book home and my heart suddenly started racing and my head went a little dizzy. It wasn't as extreme this time, but since I was driving with all the kids on the interstate through a construction zone in the rain, I thought it a good idea to pull over and see what happened with my head. It eased up and I didn't experience anything else odd throughout the day. Now that my ticket has arrived for the Man United game in July and I have a 12-13 hour drive to Kansas City ahead of me, I keep waiting for that incident that will prevent me from getting the one thing I want - to see United live. At this point, the universe knows only death can prevent it. We'll see if it decides to go that far. The universe will usually make a pretty good effort to prevent me getting anything that will make me happy, it seems.

The kids enjoyed the zoo a lot. We saw nearly everything except the bugs, which we skipped in the end, since we were all exhausted. Like an idiot, I was fully prepared with snacks, sunscreen, hats, etc., but somehow managed to walk out of the house without taking my camera along. I snapped some pics with my Blackberry instead, but I could have gotten lots of great pics with my new camera. The BB's great, but it falls a little short in the high-quality photo department. They were better than I expected though.

On the drive home we were all completely exhausted. The kids all fell asleep - Gin was even snoring. I struggled to keep my focus and stay awake. After we dropped Book back off at home, we stopped for sushi, and that helped to recharge me for the remaining 25-minute drive home. I even stayed up until a normal bedtime.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

So we know he can dance!

I've been wrapped up in So You Think You Can Dance for the past few weeks. I am every season, but I have extra motivation this time. One of the contestants is a boy from the county where I live. And as if that isn't cool enough, I interviewed him for the paper when he was 11 years old. And as if THAT isn't cool enough, he just happens to be one of the most beloved dancers of this season.

That's right. I'm talking about Mr. Adorable himself - Kent Boyd. :) And you can see here, he was adorable then too.

One clarification though - he's from BOTKINS. His address is Wapakoneta, but really he's a Botkins boy. The package on him during the show where he auditioned is all shots from Botkins, not Wapakoneta. Apparently, the whole Wapakoneta-pronunciation spin was too irresistible for the producers, so they don't plan to clarify it as it should be. My understanding is that the mayor of Botkins actually called the show to explain it, but they said they're sticking with the Wapakoneta angle, but if you check out his dancer profile on the So You Think You Can Dance website, it lists his hometown as Botkins, but his questionnaire says he's from Wapakoneta.

And in case you were wondering, yes, he is quite as adorable as he seems. The mayor said he couldn't think of a better representative for the town. His high school principal loves him too. He actually said, "I'd go to war for that boy." We're all very proud of him.

Don't forget to vote!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Absent without excuses

Okay, I've been pretty busy, but not quite busy enough to really justify my absence here. I probably could have - should have, even - squeezed in a couple of posts here and there. But I didn't.

Catching up:

I helped my mom put up her new pool a couple of weeks ago. I spent four hours in the sun without sunscreen while doing it, so I got more than a little scorched. It stung for a couple of days, then itched, and it's been peeling ever since. I haven't actually gotten to swim in the pool yet.

I cut off more of my hair,so it's actually only about an inch long all over now - and blonde. I'm hoping it doesn't turn green when I do take advantage of the swimming pool. It's pretty cool. I've gotten a lot of compliments - and one or two glares or raised eyebrows. So what? I'm still a rock star. ;)

This weekend I picked some cherries, and I've started a batch of cherry liqueur. This is my first batch. I usually make wine. The liqueur will take much longer and is considerably more expensive to make (since I have to start with vodka, rather than actually creating my own alcohol, as with the wine), so I'm hoping it is really good. Decent vodka's fairly expensive, and I didn't want to start with the crap stuff, so I went with a premium brand. Hope it's worth it. Check back with me in about 4 to 8 months.

I'd been planning a trip to the zoo with the kids for last Saturday, but after checking the forecast I decided against it. There were severe thunderstorms all over the Midwest. I've rescheduled for June 19th, when I'm hoping the weather is better.

I couldn't reschedule for this weekend because of course the USA vs. England World Cup match is on Saturday afternoon. I've decided I'll go to my parents' house and hijack the big-screen TV to watch while the kids play in the pool. Everyone's happy that way. :)

I've been a bit down for a while, since my most valued friend has been AWOL from my life. I think it's actually been about two months since we last talked. That was a good one, so naturally, he disappeared afterward. I can't let it bother me too much - I've been through enough already.

I was informed today that I won't be paid for the last month of work that I did as a stringer before getting hired back full-time. My editor and my publisher both approved the invoice for the last month of work, but corporate sent it back and said they can't pay me as a stringer because I'm on payroll now - even though the work was done before I was on payroll. Complete bullshit. The compromise I was offered was cooked up by the editor and publisher, who decided I can take the equivalent as time off and it will just be put in as time worked. Hardly fair and I don't know when I'll manage to get that time in, as we're going through rounds of vacation now and I'm having to do other people's jobs in addition to my own.

I've got an overloaded plate at work. I suppose that's my big excuse, although it still doesn't justify my absence. But anyway, I'm back, for what it's worth.