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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I miss my blog

I miss my blog. I'm so busy I never have the time or energy to post....during those two hours a day or so that I'm home and conscious. The rest of the time I'm working. Ah, the glorious new job!

We started interviewing for a new reporter again. Man, I hope this one works out. We hired one guy and he quit after four days. Then we offered the job to a girl - after sending all the others on their way - and she ended up not taking the position...after supposedly being ALL enthusiastic about it. *Sigh* I can't take these insane hours much longer...

I have to post to the blog for work every day. Feel a little guilty about it every time I do. Hehe. (I've been at this blog so long, it's like my old friend.)

I suppose there's a lot happening that I should update on, but I can't really think of much of anything now. Work's shoved it's way into my every thought lately. I can't even have a decent fantasy without my brain changing the subject! LOL!

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