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Saturday, March 5, 2011

A little weather stuff

I've just looked out on the lawn and seen that it is covered in snow. A week ago it was covered in much deeper snow, and piles of the stuff made filthy mountains everywhere you looked. Then last Sunday night, a thunderstorm rolled in. It rained buckets for more than four hours with spectacular thunder and lightning. When I woke up, all the snow was gone, but everything was underwater.

It wasn't so bad around my house, but I knew I'd better take an alternate route to work. My usual scenic drive along the river was sure to be flooded. I wasn't wrong about that. This is my usual route to work. I took the afternoon off Wednesday and decided to check it out.

Shortly after I arrived at work, we got word on the scanner of a guy trapped on top of his car in the flood waters. I stopped by that site in the afternoon as well. His car was still there. It stayed there for a couple of days before they were able to pull it out.


Dining Table Sets said...

I felt sorry for that car. I hope he can get out in the flood.

Goddess said...

They got the car out a couple of days later, but I'm guessing it's not in great condition now.