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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Zoo with the kids

After getting only five hours of sleep Friday night, I took the kids to the Cincinnati Zoo yesterday. We got to see Burned Jesus, formerly known as Touchdown Jesus or Big Butter Jesus, officially known as King of Kings, now known as The Monument to Our Robot Overlords, along the way. If we'd gone when I originally planned, we would have seen it intact. Funny sort of irony that it was thunderstorms that kept us from going then, and it was a thunderstorm that destroyed it.

It was raining throughout the entire drive. As we got about halfway there, I started to feel a little odd. It was similar to a couple of weeks ago when I was driving Book home and my heart suddenly started racing and my head went a little dizzy. It wasn't as extreme this time, but since I was driving with all the kids on the interstate through a construction zone in the rain, I thought it a good idea to pull over and see what happened with my head. It eased up and I didn't experience anything else odd throughout the day. Now that my ticket has arrived for the Man United game in July and I have a 12-13 hour drive to Kansas City ahead of me, I keep waiting for that incident that will prevent me from getting the one thing I want - to see United live. At this point, the universe knows only death can prevent it. We'll see if it decides to go that far. The universe will usually make a pretty good effort to prevent me getting anything that will make me happy, it seems.

The kids enjoyed the zoo a lot. We saw nearly everything except the bugs, which we skipped in the end, since we were all exhausted. Like an idiot, I was fully prepared with snacks, sunscreen, hats, etc., but somehow managed to walk out of the house without taking my camera along. I snapped some pics with my Blackberry instead, but I could have gotten lots of great pics with my new camera. The BB's great, but it falls a little short in the high-quality photo department. They were better than I expected though.

On the drive home we were all completely exhausted. The kids all fell asleep - Gin was even snoring. I struggled to keep my focus and stay awake. After we dropped Book back off at home, we stopped for sushi, and that helped to recharge me for the remaining 25-minute drive home. I even stayed up until a normal bedtime.

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Jen said...

I love Touchdown Jesus! I wish we had something like that in our state.

As for the heart racing and dizzy feeling do you think you had a panic attack? I hope it doesn't happen again, that must have been scary with the kids in the car.