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Friday, July 2, 2010

Crunch .... or crushing... time...

I got to take two days off work Monday and Tuesday to "pay" me for the work I did before I got on payroll. (Corporate said they couldn't pay me for the last of my freelance work since I'm on payroll now, so the boss said take the time off as time worked to make up for it.) It's a good thing I took the time when I did, because it's getting busy for me now.

We're in the midst of the big vacation blitz, so people are taking days off every day, and I'm in to pick up the slack for them across the board. I guess that's what happens when you've done everything in the department.

My crunch is getting worse though, because the webmaster who replaced me when I left has gone off on maternity leave, so I'm left to fill in the web duties for my paper, in addition to my regular work... and filling in for vacationing people. I won't be able to breathe for a while.

Yesterday was her first day off, so I started the web duties. I didn't get any slack on the pages I had to do, so I was in the office an hour and a half longer than I should have been. Then after midnight last night, I had to upload Friday's stories from home. One experience on that with my netbook, and I know I don't want to repeat it. (The Mac laptop for work is out of commission and I'll be getting it back next week.)

Today, I'll be going in at 4 or so to do the night desk duties and I'll have to stay late to do the web uploads for Saturday's pages. I should be in the office until about 2:30 a.m. Oh joy.

We've got a reporter off next week, and the boss said I'll probably be having to pick up some of the reporting work too. Seriously? I've got 40 hours and no overtime allowed. How the hell does he expect me to do it all?