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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fantasy fulfillment

I am a firm believer in fantasy fulfillment. I believe that life is made up of your memories, and if you have a chance to make a memory, you should go for it!

We all live our day-to-day lives, and yes, there is purpose and meaning there, but what do you sit back and recall on quiet nights? What do you tell stories about when you're with your friends? What do you tell your kids and your grandkids about when you're old? What just makes you smile when you think about it? It's not going to work every day, doing housework, etc.

It's those MOMENTS.

Sometimes the moment is just a minute. Sometimes it's a night or a weekend or a once-in-a-lifetime or just a first-in-a-lifetime event. But it's all about the MOMENTS.

I get to make another memory this weekend. I'll be hitting the road in just about 10 hours to drive to Kansas City to see Manchester United play live for the first time. It's not Old Trafford, and it's not the way my first Man United game was supposed to be, but it's a MOMENT that I'll always remember.

Going to see Man United play is a fantasy, and I'm about to fulfill it. No matter the expense or the time or the effort involved, that makes it worth it.

If I'm lucky, I might have another moment coming up later this year. I just got a hint of another possible fantasy fulfillment that I've been thinking about for a couple of years now. It won't change my life, but it will be a MOMENT, and if the opportunity presents itself, I WILL be going for it.

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