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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back to life, back to reality

I'm keeping so busy I've barely had time to breathe lately, but I took advantage of the "extra" day off I got by working the annual cookoff recently by taking that "comp" day and a vacation day to jet off to Las Vegas for a mini vacation.

No, I'm not suddenly rolling in the cash. The trip was a treat provided by F, who generously offers to fly me to wherever he is when he comes stateside. This is our second trip to Las Vegas. We also had one to Tampa. I had the opportunity to go to New Orleans last February, but I passed it up as I was still looking for work and feared being away if something should come up.

This trip was much better, though all too brief, certainly. F and I have had our tensions in the past, but it seemed to be a much smoother visit this time. I avoided being oversensitive, and he curbed his occasionally sharp tongue. Really, it's always been about misunderstanding, but I think as we've grown more accustomed to each other, we're starting to find a comfortable ground. I told him that I looked forward to seeing him again - and I meant it.

I was off Monday and Tuesday for the trip, arriving home late Tuesday night. And I was back in the office Wednesday morning - needless to say, exhausted. Nothing ever slows down there.

The timing is good. I managed to complete a freelance project that was proposed to me last April but did not finally come to fruition until a couple of weeks ago. It turned out to be very easy and will be surprisingly lucrative as well. The writer sent me the appendix to edit today and said to send an invoice. He also said he wishes to continue writing and wanted to know if I would be available for more work. Absolutely!

Tomorrow is another Friday night in the office. It's got some perqs, including getting to roll over and go back to sleep in the morning. Oh, and one li'l other perq that shall remain nameless at the moment. :)

Night all!

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