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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fat season

As I sit and look at this giant bowl of candy comprising leftovers from the candy I bought to give out for trick or treat (only two kids showed up at my door) and candy my kids didn't like and thus gave to me (that includes all of their Reese's cups and Snickers bars. Score!), I realize that Halloween is the beginning of fat season.

Next comes Thanksgiving, which includes a day (or two in this modern world of split families) of overeating from morning to night on turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, three kinds of pies, cheese balls and crackers, noodles, baked beans, cheesecake ... and anything else the family happens to put on the table.

After that is the whole Christmas season. That's assorted candies and chocolates, hors d' oeuvres galore, drinks made with cream and rum, and probably another big dinner.

Then there's New Year's Eve, and about 120,000 empty calories' worth of drinking.

Moving on to February, we wrap up the fat season with Valentine's Day and boxes of chocolates.

So tell me, was this carefully planned to unfold in this way? Is it cruel that they've given us five consecutive months of overindulgent consumption just when the weather's crap outside, and we aren't out running around in the sun getting exercise? Or is it kinder because we can hide all the excesses under bulky sweaters?

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