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Monday, January 9, 2012

I love getting free stuff!

I'm a big fan of loyalty and points programs. I don't go out of my way to earn big numbers most of the time, knowing that my points will just keep adding up until I can use them for something.

My latest favorite is the Delicious Rewards program from Lean Cuisine.

This is not a promoted or paid post. I don't even get referrals. I'm just loving it and want to share!

I just discovered Lean Cuisine last year. Of course, I'd heard of it, but I never really thought it could be any good, because... well, you know how those frozen meals in a box are. And this was "diet food." How good could it be? Boy, was I surprised! This food's actually good! I mean REALLY GOOD. What started out as a what-the-heck-I'll-give-it-a-shot-it's-on-sale purchase has turned into my every-single-day-at-work-lunch-time-staple.

So, since I was eating all these meals, I decided to start collecting those codes on the boxes. And then I got my boyfriend started eating them. (He's Mr. "I'm Picky") He now buys them 20 or 30 at a time and fills his whole freezer. He also saves his codes for me. Got my mom to try them, and though she doesn't eat the as often, she saves her codes for me too.

To date, I've cashed in my Delicious Rewards points for four lunch bags (nice nylon, embroidered thermal ones - they're pretty and have several styles available!); a very nice travel wine set with a corkscrew, drip ring and foil cutter in a faux leather case; a lovely set of hand-painted stoneware mixing/serving bowls that I've seen retail for easily $40 or more; a colander measuring cup; a set of three dish cloths; and a set of four silicone pinch bowls. And the shipping is free, so I get all of this for doing nothing more out-of-the-ordinary than taking the time to cut out the codes and punch them in at the website!

They've got a new promotion this year so for every 25 codes you enter, you get to choose a free lunch bag AND keep the points to use for something else! It started Jan. 1 and as of today, the 9th, I've already ordered my second one. :) The promotion goes through March, so I could have quite a collection by then!

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Sandee said...

Looks like you found something that works for you and it's great that your boyfriend and your mom are helping out with saving the codes. Way to go and those are some pretty good entrees too.

Have a terrific day. :)