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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Time off

After eight weeks of severe overwork and abuse in office, I'm doing something this week that I've never done before in the last 12 years - I'm taking the whole week off.

It's not costing me much vacation time, as I have almost two days of comp time built up from the past two months and yesterday was a paid holiday. It seemed the perfect opportunity.

Yesterday didn't really count much. I stopped in to the empty office for two hours to gather my material for my entries into the annual AP contest. This is the first year I've bothered to enter. I'm not much into seeking awards for my work, so I've never bothered before.

Today, I turned off the alarm after the girls left for school and turned off the ringer on my phone so I could sleep undisturbed until I woke up on my own. That was an especially nice treat. I slept until noon.

I'll be filling the day catching up on some household work until this afternoon, when Munch and I will go into Sidney to see Gin's basketball game (she's a cheerleader).

It all sounds very relaxing to me.

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Sandee said...

Having a week of is a good thing. Enjoy every free minute.

Have a fantastic day. :)