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Monday, May 14, 2012

So now what do I do?

Another season of the Barclay's Premier League has ended, and though it did not end quite as I would like, it did have me transfixed right up until the last minute. Manchester United were written off to win the league title just before the last match of the season, but during that match, QPR led Manchester City against all odds, so the possibility of retaining the title was renewed right up until the last minute when Sergio Aguero scored the winning goal in the "other" match. Even at our final whistle, we stood a chance. It is somewhat satisfying to know that if QPR had just managed to hold on to that draw, we would have won on points, while City's win was achieved merely on goal difference. A second-place finish by only a hair's breadth is not too damn bad. And truly, what an exciting way to end the season. My only problem is this: Since football is such a big part of my life, what am I to do now that the season's over. Let's see. Tonight, I take Gin to her cheerleading clinic while I go back into the office. Tomorrow is Gin's awards ceremony for school and Munch's book fair. Wednesday is another cheer clinic and evening at the office. Thursday...hmm...nothing yet, other than work until probably about 6 or 7. Friday - working the night shift from 2 p.m. till about 1 a.m. Saturday - another cheer clinic and tryouts. Sunday - work the night desk same hours as Friday. ..... Ok, so I might have a little something to do.

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