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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thanks for hitting my mailbox ... seriously

The girls headed out the door yesterday to go to school, and a moment later, Gin popped her head back into the house to tell me that someone had run over our mailboxes (the four units of my building have four boxes on a single post.) I went out to look at it and saw that the post had been completely snapped in two and the boxes were on the ground. Great. So I finished quickly getting ready for work and headed out. I called my landlord when I got there, and he informed me that it was my neighbor, who'd called him about an hour ago to let him know that she'd backed over it. "While I have you on the phone....." Those words are never followed by anything good, have you noticed? "Mom's decided to sell the apartments." The owner of my apartment died on Christmas Day. I was wondering what was going to happen with my place, but enough time had passed that I thought I was safe. You see, his sons had been managing his properties ever since I moved in 10 years ago. I thought maybe they'd just go on doing so. Apparently not. So he told me that they'd be coming through the apartments for inspections at some point within the next week or two. I'd be given 24 hours' notice. Problem. I've been living in this apartment with my family for 10 years. Almost no maintenance has been done on the place since I moved in. Our white walls have never been painted (was in my lease that I wasn't allowed). The wheat-colored carpet has taken 10 years of life with a family. And I work insanely long hours, so obviously housework falls behind. Of course, I've been even busier the past couple of weeks - not even getting home until about 9:30 each night. I haven't had a whole day off at home in months. And this coming weekend, Gin has a cheerleading clinic and tryouts that will take several hours on Saturday, and Sunday I'm working from 2 p.m. to after midnight. I'm off Monday, but I have a dental appointment that will take at least three hours, not counting the driver there and back, which is another hour. So when am I supposed to get anything done? It's certainly possible that they could accept the wear and tear on the place as normal 10 years' worth of wear and tear, but even so, they could still have me leave just so they could fix up the place before the sale. Even if they let me stay, my rent will go up, surely - if not with them, then with the new owners. I'm the only tenant they've had straight through the past 10 years, so I'm the only one who hasn't had a rent increase. Previously, they've just increased the rent for new tenants. So I'm paying less than anyone else. No rent increase in all this time seems nice, but I'm making $6 per hour less now than I was 10 years ago when I moved in. I had a much better job then. And since the price of everything has gone up dramatically in that time, in real terms, I'm living on about a third of what I was back then. I. Am. Screwed. Still, if my neighbor hadn't backed over the mailbox, I wouldn't have known a thing, and I'd have 24 hours' notice before the inspection. So...thanks for that.

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