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Monday, June 25, 2012

Faster than expected

I was facing a very busy schedule today, but oddly, every single thing went faster than expected, so I'm home at a reasonable hour with time to cook, do some laundry and do my yoga too. I went to work and got through posting the day's stories to the web pretty quickly. After my boss came out and handed me a new assignment that's officially an ongoing whole new job, I was in no mood to hang around any longer. I'd already requested the afternoon off, and with 10 comp hours to my credit already, I decided to leave at 11:15 a.m. I surprised the girls by coming home early, and told them to get ready to go. We have a stray who had kittens in our garage 10 weeks ago. One of them injured her foot last week. Infection had set in, and I wasn't about to watch her die a slow, agonizing and completely unnecessary death, so I resolved last night to take her to the vet. Fortunately, my short morning meant I could do it today. We got the kitten ready and I took the girls in town - along with the kitten - and dropped them off at the park while I went to my dentist's appointment (the original reason I took the afternoon off.) I was supposed to get my crown put on. They numbed me, did all the prep, then discovered fractures in the porcelain of the new crown. So they put the temporary back in and now I have to wait another three weeks to get the crown. They did go ahead and polish up three rough teeth my previous dentist had left me with, at no charge, so that was something accomplished with that trip. I returned to the park earlier than expected, and the girls decided they were hungry. We couldn't go to the vet until 4 p.m., so we had plenty of time to go pick up some food and sit at another park for a while to wait. At 4, I didn't know how long to expect to be at the vet's, but without an appointment, I expected a wait. So I dropped Gin off early at the YMCA for her 5 o'clock cheerleading practice. Munch and I took the kitten to the vet, and we were out of there in 11 minutes! The vet pulled off the dirt that had caked into the infection on the kitten's toe and determined the best bet would be to take off the tip. He said it could heal on its own, with some antibiotics, but with the bone sticking out (yes, it was) healing would be difficult and slow. I told him to go ahead and take the toe. He asked if I wanted to have her shots done. Since she's a stray, he said he didn't know how much I'd want to put into her. I told him, "Go ahead. After all this, she's pretty much adopted." So, I guess we have a kitten now. Munch and I went back to the Y and took a tour of the facility. We got our approval for financial aid, but I didn't bring the letter of verification along with me, so I couldn't complete the membership today. Who knew I'd have time?! So we'll get that Wednesday. After that, Munch and I went out to buy a new little litter box (our current cat Cookie's box is too big for the little one) and a few other things at the store while we waited for Gin. While we were there, Gin called from practice and said she had a headache, so we picked her up early too. It seems I can really get a lot done when I leave work early.

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