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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Nail-biting and other pleasant things

Geez, it's only 3:30 in the afternoon, and I've already had a full day - or so it seems.

I woke up to my alarm this morning and frowned for a moment before I realized, "It's match day!" Then I smiled and turned off the alarm, started up the computer and headed downstairs to make a cup of coffee.

I got pretty lucky on my video streams today, as I was able to find a quality stream to allow me to watch the Southampton v. Manchester United match in its entirety, with only a couple of minor blips. 

It was a nailbiter, for sure! Southampton scores first, which makes me cringe. Then our new boy, Robin Van Persie ties it up for us. Then they score AGAIN. That's not supposed to happen! We're UNITED, after all, and they're just Southampton. I mean, COME ON! So I spent a good deal of time in squeaky bum mode, even though there was plenty of time to go in the match. 

My son Pooh showed up about this time, so I chatted with him as he stood at my door, but, sorry, United is on. I'm watching the match. :)

Van Persie tied us up again. Then finally came through to put us over the top. We shouldn't be finishing a match against Southampton with a scoreline like 2-3, but in the end, a win is a win is a win, I guess, so I won't complain too much. And a hat trick for Van Persie looks mighty nice, too. 

Well, as soon as the match ended, I devoted my attention to the boy, who had apparently only come for a visit so he could retrieve his old TV for his apartment. Sorry, boy. Seems he'd put it into the garage, for some unknown reason, so when we did our clean sweep of the apartment about six weeks ago, it got hauled to the dump. 

We got to chat for a while anyway. He told me he's met a nice girl and showed me her picture. She's tiny little thing who stands about a foot shorter than he is. I had to chuckle. He said he showed the picture to my mother earlier and she immediately noted that the girl appeared "a little dark." He said, "Yes, Nana. She's Filipino." My mother has come to accept interracial dating (she had no issue with my dating a Jamaican), but she does feel the need to point it out, for some reason. With me, when I showed her Peter's picture, she said, "He looks like he's black." I replied, "Yes, he's Jamaican." She said, "Oh." Then there was no more concern at all. She was actually very supportive of the relationship and very sympathetic when it ended. My mom's funny that way. Her upbringing has not been entirely purged from her, but she's consciously chosen to broaden her mind considerably.

Pooh told me that this girl's very nice and a step up from the loon he was interested in before. That loon actually introduced the two, then became irate as she said the two of them were trying to replace her. That loon had a boyfriend anyway, so I didn't exactly appreciate the way she was stringing my son along. It seems last night she texted him 23 times, threatening to kill herself in a number of different and graphic ways, while her boyfriend slept on the couch. When my son finally responded to her and said he was sending the police over, she told him she wasn't going to do anything to herself and if he told anyone, she would "destroy" him. How very arch-nemesis of her. Loon.

I was working on this week's menu and I wasn't sure if Mom might want to have dinner with us tomorrow (since it's Labor Day and we're both off work, for a change), so I gave her a call. We'll be having dinner there. And Tuesday evening I have to work to cover a meeting, because our regular reporter is off. That means I only cook Wednesday and Thursday this week. Wednesday will be honey garlic chicken and rice, and for Thursday, Munch has requested tacos. Mom kept me on the phone for an hour (there's no such thing as a short phone call with her), so I gave Pooh a one-armed hug as he headed out to go get ready for his date with his new girl. 

All this, and I haven't yet left the house. On my way out now, so I must get ready. I'm taking Munch to her dad's for the night (Gin doesn't want to go), then Gin and I will be doing the grocery shopping. Still plenty of time in the day. Who knows what might come up?

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Small Town Mommy said...

It sounds like a very busy day! Glad your son has moved on from crazy girl. That doesn't sound cool.