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Monday, April 13, 2009

Housework can be hazardous to your health

I had planned to spend last weekend cleaning the house, but when I got distracted by a friend overseas and got into a 10-hour long conversation, housework kinda fell by the wayside. Well, there were no distractions this weekend, so the kids and I got to work - and all did not go smoothly.

Gin was transferring clothes from the washer to the dryer, but short stuff couldn't quite reach everything, so she decided to climb up onto the washer to get it. She fell in. And the door was locked (our laundry room is also our half bath). Munch came running upstairs to tell me that her sister was stuck in the washing machine. I grabbed a paper clip and straightened it out to unlock the door. Sure enough, she was in there, one leg bent in half inside the washer tub with her foot folded behind it and one leg sticking straight up in the air by her shoulder. (I considered taking a picture before freeing her, but then I decided that might be kind of mean. Hehe.) I had her put her arms around my neck, and after some twisting and wiggling, we managed to get her free - she was wedged in there pretty tightly.

As for myself, I also sustained a couple of injuries. While mopping the kitchen, I pulled the mop back and hit my hand hard against the edge of the counter, so that the ball of my hand got firmly pinched between the mop handle and counter edge. There's a nasty bruise there now. I also got a chemical burn on my arm, as my rubber gloves weren't quite long enough to protect me from the caustic concoction I was using to clean my shower. (We have some vicious rusty hard water, and the shower turns orange on a weekly basis.) On the plus side, my shower's white again - however briefly. I got a bit of a burn on my shin too, but it's nothing too bad. As my lungs were burning from the fumes, I began to wonder just how toxic "toxic" was, and some images from an episode of "House" flashed through my head. Erm..... maybe I should cut back on the harsh chemicals a bit...

There's still more to do, but my job interview's been rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon. So I'm making dinner tonight and taking the rest of the day off.

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