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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Still on hold

My job interview had been rescheduled for today, but I got a call from the publisher this morning telling me that he couldn't be there - again. He said he'd considered having me talk to some of the other managers there, but he didn't think that would be fair to me - and I agree. So I'll wait for it to be rescheduled again. Maybe it's a good thing. With these false starts, my apprehension is lessening, and it's possible that it could even work in my favor. I wonder if the other finalists are facing the same thing?

Not having my interview allowed me to be stress-free today, so I got to watch both of my football games simultaneously. I'm getting better at that. I watched the Barca/Bayern game without sound, because it was in Spanish, in one window, while Liverpool/Chelsea played in the window next to it. Bayern managed to pull out a 1-1 finish, knocking them out of the Champions League tourney, but saving face a little after that dreadful 4-0 loss in the first leg. My Luca played his little heart out, and I got two nice long looks at his very lovely thigh, so that made it worth the challenge of watching both. (News stories from the match seem to have been very unkind to Luca Toni today. I didn't get the impression they got at all.)

The Chelsea match was INCREDIBLE though! Wow! What a nail-biter! (I was, at one point, literally biting my nails.) A 4-4 finish was enough to put Chelsea through to the semi-finals, but Liverpool certainly didn't make it easy for them. I shudder to think what might have happened had Stephen Gerrard been on the pitch for 'pool. Being a Man Utd fan, I REALLY don't like Liverpool, but I've got to admit, he is good. Damn good.

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