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Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend update

So, what a nice weekend..... The kids did get a little too rambunctious and test my patience a bit on Saturday, but it was smooth sailing after that. I got to watch two football matches on excellent streams; I finished off my wine (must start a new batch); I moved one step (or more) closer to a goal; I got to have dinner with an old friend I haven't seen in nearly 20 years ..... I probably should have been writing all this down as I went along, shouldn't I? Is it ok if I play catch up now?

Friday - It was Thursday evening when I was chatting online with an old friend from high school when he said he was coming up from Virginia the next day to Ohio to see his son. He suggested we find something fun to do and catch up a bit. The girls were supposed to spend the night at their dad's, so I thought, "great, no problem, I'm actually free." Well, Friday morning I get a call from their dad telling me he can't take them. Typical. I tell him I already made plans, and he essentially tells me, "too bad." So I sent off a text telling my friend, and he fires one back suggesting all of us going out for sushi. (My loyal readers might recall that I and my children are big sushi fans.) So Friday evening worked out for us, although there was little catching up to be done, as Munch decided to fill every moment of silence telling my friend all about giraffes and school and her friends and her art and her love of sushi and all the teachers she's had since kindergarten and ..... well, you get the idea. Anyway, if you fear there might ever be a lull in your conversation for the evening, take along an 8-year-old girl.

Saturday - After lunch - and after watching the Liverpool match - the kids and I took advantage of the nice day to go to the park so Gin and I could play some tennis. Gin twisted her ankle, so we headed home after a short stay. About an hour later, after showering and changing, I suddenly realized something was missing: I'd left my cell phone and keys on the tennis court. I sent Gin to run over and see if they were still there, since I was still wet and barefoot at the time. Not there. I'd finished getting dressed by the time she returned and took off with the kids back to the park myself. A little girl walked up to us and asked if I'd left a phone and keys. Yay! She'd turned them in at the concession stand (there was a baseball game going on at the time), so I got them back and no harm done. Although, a couple of people in my little town have now gotten to see my phone wallpaper of Luca Toni. :)
I spent most of the rest of the evening chatting with a friend of mine in England, keeping him up until after sunrise his time, and I drank far too much wine in the process. But we hadn't talked in a couple of weeks, so it was fun catching up.

Sunday - I woke up with a raging headache, but I was still in a good mood. I got to work early, so I'd be finished in time for the Manchester United match. FANTASTIC game! And my boys got the win and the three points to put them back on top of the Premier League. Whew! Props to young Machedo (I've said it before and I'll say it again: "Dear Lord, Thank you for Italian footballers. Amen."), and I think I might have to stop hating Cristiano Ronaldo. With Man Utd weakened as they were yesterday, he really came through and saved the day.

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