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Friday, July 24, 2009

Hey, look at that. I'm back.

Yep, I'm back. You might have noticed that I've been away for a while. You see, I've been working these horrific hours usually 12, 13, 14 hours a day, plus weekends (at salary, mind you, so not getting any more money), always doing exactly what's asked of me despite the fact that the priorities were changing every five minutes, pulling the editor's ass out of the fire more times than I can count, bringing in organization where there was previously nothing but chaos...etc.....etc....etc........ for the past three months now.
What's it get me? Publisher calls me into the conference room to tell me that it's just not working out the way we'd hoped....blah....blah....blah.....
I'm not heartbroken. I said "ok" and left. Spent more than enough time killing myself for a man who demanded not only superhuman action but actually the convolution of the laws of physics and space/time. I'm well done with it.
I gave a call to the editor of a sister paper. He expressed absolute shock and disbelief. He'd LOVE to have me on staff but unfortunately has no openings. He led me to another sister paper. So I've got one possibility already. I almost can't wait to tell my former boss. He'll be reeling. He hated to give me up but gave me a glowing recommendation because he knew that I deserved more. If he only knew the reality of the situation in that place. With a staff of 15, there've been 6 people who've left in the last three months alone since I've been there - either sacked or quit - mostly sacked. The demands are absolutely impossible and as each 90-day probationary period comes up, the person's out the door again. Someone up the ladder might start recognizing that eventually. Certainly says something.
But anyway, I'm not killing myself anymore. Hope this other prospect pans out for me. I hate the job hunt, and it's especially crap right now - clearly. One positive for sure about this is - I have a whole new appreciation for every single boss I've ever had before. If I could work through what I've done for the past three months, no job could be harder. Hell, I was envying shit diggers who at least get to go home at night.

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siteseer said...

Ouch, it's bad enough you don't like who you work for, but then to have to put in sooo many hours and get no appreciation! Hope something good comes to you real soon. In the mean time, enjoy some well deserved breathing space.