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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Long, hot shower

I've just come from a lovely hot shower, and it reminded me of an incident -

Once, after taking a long, hot shower, I made the mistake of publically stating what a wonderful and simple pleasure such a thing could be.

Imagine my surprise at suddenly being attacked by a self-professed environmentalist, who proceeded to tell me how unbelievably small-minded, selfish, unconscientious and irresponsible I was being - along with any number of other unkind adjectives.

Though I was momentarily taken aback by this diatribe, this person went on for so long with the blathering that I was able to gather my thoughts for a coherent response.

I said to this person: I assure you that I would much prefer to save electricity by turning off the lights, along with natural gas by lowering the heat, and spend many hours making passionate love with my mate while staying warm within each other's fire, saving the world's food supply by missing meals as we feed on our own desires and conserving water by showering - quickly - together before returning to the warmth of our bed to begin again. However, seeing as this option is not open to me because I am quite alone, I will continue to occasionally indulge in the pleasure of a hot shower free of any particular guilt over the practice.

She walked away from me utterly speechless.

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