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Monday, January 25, 2010

Petty irritations

Ok, I will admit that this might seem a petty pet peeve, but I wonder if anyone else shares it.

I was buying groceries today, and when I got to the checkout lane, I placed the divider on the conveyor and began putting my items up as the person in front of me was checking out. The cashier did not have the conveyor set to advance automatically, so she reached up and removed each item, leaving empty space in the front.

I continued putting up my items until the back of the conveyor was filled, and I couldn't put anymore up, but she still didn't advance the conveyor. She completely emptied the front two-thirds of the conveyor and left me standing there waiting to put my items on it. Then when she completely finished checking out the person in front of me - after a coupon dispute that left us all standing there - then she finally moved the conveyor forward and began scanning my items.

Of course, the first items I had put up were the large ones that were to go under the shopping cart, then they were sorted on the conveyor by heaviest to lightest so that when I put the bags in the cart nothing gets crushed under something heavier.

Well naturally, she had my large items scanned and sitting on top of the bag carousel waiting for me to remove them, but I was still busy taking my items out of the cart and putting them on the suddenly empty conveyor. Then of course, she looked at me with irritation because I was not removing the bags quickly enough.

If she had simply advanced the conveyor - a touch of a button - I could have had my cart emptied and been ready to put my bags back into it as she was scanning the rest of my groceries.

Am I wrong, or does it seem that this is simple common sense?

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