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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Looking up. No, seriously.

Work back at the office begins tomorrow morning, and I'm looking forward to it.

Yet tonight, though, I still have to write my last freelance (sort of) assignment. It was meant to be a story on stamp collectors (yes, really), but thanks to a ridiculous comedy of errors, that's fallen through and been pushed back for another month. My editor asked for a replacement story, so I'll be writing up on social media, localized appropriately. It shouldn't be too terribly hard - I know the subject.

I had to go to a singles dance Friday night for another freelance assignment that's actually due a little later. THAT was an adventure. I'm 37 years old but generally am perceived to be in my 20s. The clientele at this singles dance (it gets about 250 people at each week's dance) probably average somewhere in their 60s.

I was hoping not to be there too long, and I did manage to get out in one hour. But it was an eventful hour. I found a couple who'd started their romance at the weekly dance, and I interviewed them. I also interviewed three other singles who were regular attendees. I got the necessary pictures for the story. In the meantime, I got asked for my phone number five times, got offered six drinks and got dragged on to the dance floor for three dances - two were with a guy called "Moose" and one was with a guy about twice my age and six inches shorter, wearing a cowboy hat with its huge brim hovering just below my chin, who kept spinning me around and around and around. I was glad I wasn't drinking, because I probably would have been sick at that point.

I've taken the opportunity to do my taxes this morning, and I've discovered that once and for all, my student loan will finally be completely paid off! I'll make the phone call tomorrow that will finalize everything, and this monkey will be off my back forever! Say Hallelujah!

It's about time something started falling into place in my life. Now, if only I could sort out the whole romance thing..... D, you know I'm irresistible, so stop being so stubborn. :)

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