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Monday, March 29, 2010

What a remarkable turn of events

I've been wallowing in unemployment hell (well, I WAS freelancing the whole time though) for more than six months. My son (age 19) lost his job at a fast-food joint a couple of months after I lost mine. So the household has been pretty down looking at the financial situation for a while.

Then today -

I started back to work at my old newspaper office. (Lower pay, but still, back to work.)

My daughters (ages 9 and 11) got a job walking a neighbor's dog each evening.

My son got a call from the census bureau saying he was hired to be an enumerator.

Suddenly, the entire household is employed!

The girls start their dog-walking venture tomorrow evening. It all started because Munch got it in her head that she wanted to take care of animals - although she doesn't even feed our cat. She started making up these preposterous signs advertising her "Pet Care" service and posting them in our front window. It offered such things as walking, pet sitting, washing and even flea treatment. The child cannot yet wash her own hair, yet she's advertising that she can wash and flea treat a cat?! Well of course, I kept taking down the signs and told her in no uncertain terms that she was not to put them up anymore. So Gin decided to make her some nicer signs - and they posted one at the neighborhood market without my knowledge. I got a call tonight from a lady asking them to walk her dog. Thank goodness it wasn't for any of the other services she offered! I immediately sent Gin down to the market to TAKE DOWN THAT BLASTED SIGN! But I did allow them to call the lady and accept the dog walking. We'll see how it goes, I suppose.

Pooh took the test for the census job several weeks ago, and he was just assuming that he hadn't gotten it, since he hadn't heard anything yet. He was quite surprised when he got the call this evening. He was asked a couple more questions and then was told he had the job. He has to report for three days of training about three weeks from now. It's temporary, of course, but they offered quite good pay and 40 hours a week, plus mileage. He's a little disappointed that he'll have to miss out on a trip to Florida with his friends, but he is more eager to work again and to save up some money. We're hoping it will be enough that he can enroll in classes again at the community college for the fall term.

Oh, and yesterday, I completed my taxes and found that my refund will be enough to completely pay off my student loan and the one other small remaining debt I had, with some left over, so I will be completely debt-free!

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