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Monday, September 6, 2010

Long weekend spent atop Mt. Laundry

It's amazing what can get accomplished in a long weekend if you actually set your mind to it.

Some weeks ago, we had a pile of clothes suddenly appear at the bottom of the stairs. Miraculously, about the same time, the carpeting of my daughters' bedroom suddenly appeared as well. I started tackling the pile, then it suddenly disappeared. The carpeting in my son's room appeared about the same time. I later discovered the storage room below the stairs filled about halfway with Mt. Laundry. I informed the children, we would be scaling Mt. Laundry this weekend.

First thing when I got home Friday after work, we started into a continuous cycle, and as things came out clean and dry on the other end, they got sorted to remove anything stained, damaged beyond repair or too small to wear anymore.

Saturday, we got Book and went to my mom's for lunch. We decided it was time to break down her pool for the season, so in our quest to figure out how to drain it without flooding the neighbors, we decided to go borrow a submersible pump from my cousin.

So, off to visit the cousin for a bit, then back to mom's to get the draining started. After getting that set up, we came home to Mt. Laundry again.

By Sunday morning, we'd made some serious progress. We continued through morning until it was time to take Book home. That's our usual grocery shopping time, so we went on to that. Overdid it a bit, maybe. The cupboards are quite literally overflowing now.

Mom stopped by to help with the mountain, so we gathered up a couple of bags of big things, like blankets, and also cleared the pile of clothes the children had left on the bathroom floor. Guess what? There's linoleum under there. She took those over to the laundromat to use the big machines while we continued our efforts at home. We took a brief break when she arrived back to go over to the annual festival in town and get some treats. Not that we needed them. Gin found a dollar when she was there and used it for four tickets at 25 cents each on the cake wheel. She won on three out of four, so she brought home a cake, a pan of brownies and a plate of two dozen cookies. She said, "I've always been lucky." Guess so. There were fifty numbers on that wheel, and she picked the winner three out of four times. She went back in the evening to volunteer at the food tent for three hours Saturday night.

This morning and early afternoon continued on Mt. Laundry. I fixed a broken drawer on my daughter's bureau, so that was ready to be refilled. We filled three garbage bags full of good but too small clothes and dropped them off for donation. Another much larger bag was filled with clothes that were stained or irrevocably damaged for disposal.

About 4 this afternoon, we headed back to my mom's house, where we all pitched in to wash my car inside and out. I started to wax it too, but I gave up at that point.

There's still more laundry to be done. I'm keeping up the cycle tomorrow. After sorting, I've discovered that my kids have more clothes than will fit in their room. And those are the clothes that actually fit. I guess we're set for a while.

Now, much-needed shower. Hey, look at that! I've got towels!

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