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Monday, September 27, 2010

What's been going on?

Do you mind terribly if this post has no particular focus? "So what else is new?" you say. Yeah, I do tend to ramble and wander sometimes, so if you're here, you're probably used to it.

What's up?

Well, if you recall, my daughter Gin had a trip to the emergency room a few weeks back. She slipped on the stairs and turned her ankle. There was no real injury, but I guess she was feeling particularly fragile that day, so she insisted on going to the hospital. The bills are in: $1,026 all told. How's that for ya?

Pooh's getting a new car soon - new for him anyway. My mom's decided he needs one, since his 1998 Toyota Corolla has been through some few levels of hell. She's giving him her 2000 Honda CR-V. I've got a 1999 CR-V. And she's replacing hers with a 2004 CR-V. Have you noticed, we love the CR-V? Yep. We do. It's the perfect car - except for a frustrating audio system with a PITA volume control (PITA=pain in the ass). Seriously though, other than that, I think it's perfect.

The girls stayed with their dad last weekend for some fishing and ... well, that was about it. So Book and I had a weekend alone. I took him out to the local air fair so we could take the hot-air balloon rides that were advertised. Disappointed - no balloons. He did get to see airplanes up close for the first time and got to sit in an old Navy plane, which he liked. So not all bad.

The girls were home this weekend, so we all went up to Pumpkinfest in New Bremen. We got to see the world's largest pumpkin pie - a genuine Guinness record breaker at 20 feet in diameter and something like 3,600 pounds. (I forget the exact figure.) We didn't get a piece because there was a delay of about 3 1/2 hours before it was served, and by that time, we were ready to go home. I did get a pumpkin bratwurst and pumpkin ale for supper though. Pretty damn good, I must say.

Busy week this week as we transfer the title to mom's car, and I seek out assistance on that hospital bill.

That's what's going on for now....

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