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Monday, January 24, 2011

Back online

After a few months down, I finally returned to a fully functioning internet connection again recently. I have to say, it has been comparative bliss.

I was about to say that it's contributing to a loss in productivity on my part, but upon thinking about it, I realize that it's probably not. I spent as much time sitting behind my computer when I was having to connect via ultra-slow mobile connection as I am with my much faster home connection.

Before, however, much of my time online was spent sitting idly staring at a gauge telling me that my video was buffering.....slowly. A half-hour TV show I watched on my mobile tether usually took about an hour or more to watch - and that's keeping in mind that a half-hour show is actually only about 21 minutes.

Now, I can actually start up a show and watch it straight through without having to stop and let it buffer even once!

So I should be watching my shows and getting off the computer more quickly, right? Wrong. I just watch more stuff now. I can watch the Netflix Watch Instantly movies and TV shows again. Oh yeah. That's a highly effective time-waster. I'm all over it.

Of course, much better and far more importantly, I CAN WATCH FOOTIE AGAIN! I cannot begin to tell you the withdrawal I went through not being able to watch my Man United boys in all their glory. I had only the occasional highlights - in terrible quality - and score updates and text commentary. WHAT HELL THAT WAS! Thank goodness I'm back!

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