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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Share the excitement

So, it's a little bit depressing when you have something exciting coming up, and there's no one around to share the excitement with you.

I'm at work. I'm going to see The Fray in concert tonight. (!!!!!!!) I'm surrounded by sexagenarians (and up) who don't even know who The Fray are (yes, I used the British practice of a plural verb for a collective noun. I prefer it. Sue me.)

In other news, the neighborhood stray who adopted us as a kitten has had four new little ones in my garage. Born April 15, I'm sure it was very taxing. (I truly apologize for that horrible, horrible pun - but I'm not deleting it anyway.) There are three tuxedos and one calico. Very cute. Sign up now, and get your own in six weeks. :)

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