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Monday, October 1, 2012

'Found' time

I ended up catching a break today and getting an early respite in what had promised to be a rather nightmarish week. Our staff sports guy is out starting tomorrow to have knee surgery. In our office, that means the news editor will be doing his job. So my fellow copy editor/paginator will be be doing the news editor's job. Which means I'll be doing both his job and my job, in addition to the job of the reporter who's out on maternity leave. And the job of the webmaster who was never replaced. All that's still on. So what was my break? Well, on top of all that, my editor (who has lost all grip on the reality of our staffing situation) assigned me to cover a trial that was scheduled to start today. Trial coverage means I can't do ANYTHING else. My fellow copy ed even had to post the news stories to the web last night, since I'd be out of the office today. He did it wrong, but I honestly don't care. Anyway, the trial was was dismissed. It's a civil case that will be refiled this week, but at least it's a reprieve. I was glad, because it meant I was able to leave work early and thus will be able to get my daughter to cheerleading practice tonight.

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