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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Where have you been?

Where have I been? Well, I've been at work every waking hour, or close to it. I've put in minimum 13-hour days almost two weeks solid now. But I'm still loving it. Meanwhile, most of my readers have abandoned me. I don't blame them. I've been extremely neglectful. I have three (completely separate) blogs, and I give THIS one the most attention. So you can only imagine how my other ones are doing. I might will be adding a fourth blog for work. You know I love this one. I have a more emotional tie to it than either of my others. I've had it much longer. And I really don't want to see it die. I am hoping that things will be easier next week, so I'll have more time to spend here - oh yeah, and with my kids too. ;)

Why will next week be better? We started our new paginator this week. She's been in training, which is why my days have been longer, because I and the editor have been building all of the pages for the paper. We've also been writing most of the stories. (In addition to the old paginator, we also fired a reporter last week.)
We started a new reporter today too. We've been interviewing people for the job for the past two and a half weeks (the whole time I've been there). We're loving him already. He jumped right in, learned the new story filing system, started making phone calls, put in a good and solidly written article(which we held), and we actually ran out of things for him to do (because it was such a hectic day). We held the story because after we sent him home, a GREAT source called in with a perspective that will turn that good and solidly-written article into one pretty hot story. It's got government corruption, unethical business practices, environmental danger, angry citizens - the whole package. I love this business! :) So anyway, we're throwing the story back for more work - and I'm betting that he's going to do great things with it. High hopes for this guy.

I had a luncheon today with the local Women in Networking group and a banquet this evening for a new educational foundation. So I was pressing flesh with the community government and business leaders from the entire tri-county area all day.
It was another 13-hour day today, but I'm loving it.



Lola said...

Not everyone has abandoned you.

Goddess said...

And I am extremely grateful for those who have stuck around during my absence. Hoping for some level of normality to return soon. :)