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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Confirmation of his useless fuckitude

The girls returned from their trip to Illinois this evening. Both of them got sick while they were gone, and Gin's still feeling pretty lousy.

When Jen returned the girls to me, she told me she was disgusted by my ex. Join the club. She said he slept the whole time - which I expected. He took Friday off work - even calling me at 7:30 a.m. to tell me that he was taking off and would be spending the whole day with the girls. Jen tells me that he slept the whole day. (Jen is married on one of his coworkers, btw.) She said they went to a family fun center, which is like a Chuck E. Cheese, and he even slept in the booth the whole time. Then, after having told her that he would split the bill with her, when she handed him the receipts, he asked her what the hell those were for. She even bought each of the girls a Webkinz toy and a pair of socks, and he told her he wasn't paying for it. She told me the girls were great and he was lucky to have them and was disgusted by his behavior. She also called him a deadbeat and said the smartest thing I ever did was leave him. I already knew that, but it's always nice to have confirmation like that - especially when it's from someone supposedly in "his camp."

Jen said that when he went to work, he was bragging to his coworkers about taking the girls swimming and to the family fun center. About the pool, she told me he spent a little while in the hot tub, was bitching the whole time, and then went upstairs and went to sleep.

Jen also said that they'd had a lot of pizza left over from the trip to the family fun center, so that's what they had for dinner. She said the girls came over after their dad had gone to work and asked if they had anything to eat because they were hungry. She asked what had happened to all the pizza then checked their mini fridge in their room. Turns out, he had taken all the leftover pizza to work with him and left them nothing to eat while he was gone to work for 12 hours except a bag of Funyons.

When Gin got home, she said she had a letter from him for me. It was a Mothers Day card telling me that I'm a great mother (I must be if they're that good and he's so bad) and saying that he wished we were still together then he could take us all out and show me a great day (yeah, I heard all about the "great day" with the girls.)

I asked the girls about it, and they too said that he slept almost the whole time. And Gin also verified that he was bitching at them whenever he wasn't sleeping.

Seriously, you useless fuck, just die already and get the hell out of my girls' lives. They're better off without you. (Oh, but I'll apologize for one thing - apparently it was actually Wisconsin. Must be right over the border, based on the web tracker.)

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Sarah said...

You are much better off without him. What a horrible man.

Hope the girls are okay

@blissbubbley on twitter :-))