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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Staving off footie withdrawal - the 2010 plan

I'm going through the early stages of Man United withdrawal already, but it hasn't set in too hard just yet. I staved off a little of my symptoms by watching part of the Inter Milan match. I was quite happy to see them win the Serie A, but I have to admit I had a little hope for Roma as well, since of course my favorite player, Luca Toni, plays for them. Either way, I would not have been unhappy with the results from today's matches, I think. Roma did win their game, but much like United's final win, as far as the league title went, it was largely irrelevant. A bit sad, really.

Now that Luca's no longer with Bayern (thank goodness), I won't have any conflicts at all for the Champions League final. I will be pulling for Inter all the way. Of course, I have been ever since Man United were knocked out of that one. By Bayern, no less. Kick their asses for me, Jose. :)

After that's over, my footie fixes will depend on the World Cup. First match June 12 between the USA and England will be one of the most exciting for me. I'm pulling for England. Feel free to disparage my lack of patriotism. I don't even know any of the US players. American soccer bores me. I've tried watching MLS, and it simply doesn't hold my interest. I could be generous and claim that it's the commentators. God, American soccer commentators are DULL! But for me, it's a different game entirely. That's the reason, you may notice, that I call the game the Americans play "soccer," while the REAL stuff played in Europe I call "football." I've even worked out how to record the matches online(assuming my internet connection happens to be working on any given day) so that I can watch them when I get home from work.

My FAVORITE means of staving off the summer footie withdrawal will come for me in July. All of the arrangements have been made. I am GOING TO SEE MANCHESTER UNITED PLAY LIVE in Kansas City on July 25. My ticket for the match is in Row 2, right on the corner, which is not only an amazing seat all on its own, but it's also located directly behind the seat of one of my favorite fellow United tweeps. There are several of us who chat during the matches on Twitter who will be converging on KC for the match, and we're all staying in the same hotel as well. I'm only making the overnight trip and staying the night of the game before driving home the next morning. I will be exhausted - and possibly hung over - for the drive home, but it will be AWESOME, I've no doubt! I'd rather see them at Old Trafford - and frankly, hoped that I'd get to see my first Man United game accompanied by my dear friend D - but I will take what I can get and think my joy on that day will be in no way incomplete. I'll retain the hope and goal for OT and D for a future time.

Actually, Europa cup qualifying rounds begin July 1 this year, and though I don't have a team to support there, I do have the motivation of rooting AGAINST Liverpool.

With World Cup action, my favorite team live in the US and Europa, it looks like I'll have little time for footie withdrawal at all this year. Premier League season starts up again in August. The footie gods are certainly smiling on me this year. :)

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