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Monday, March 11, 2013

Last day

It's the last day of my vacation and I spent a good part of it so far (it's now 2:46 p.m.) doing the most productive thing I could think of - sleeping. 

The girls started their day off on a very bad note. I got up to make sure Munch took her pill, and she was awake and downstairs already, so I thought, "Good, they're set to go to school." I went back to bed. An hour later, Gin came in and asked why the clock said it was 8:40. I looked at my phone and said, "Because it is! Why aren't you at school!?" Seems Gin hadn't got up and Munch had. And Munch had sat downstairs for two hours not bothering to even see why Gin hadn't gotten up yet. Honestly, at their age I shouldn't have to follow them around mornings to get them out the door. I piled them into the car and drove them off, but they were well late by then. Peachy.

I had a bit of fun yesterday with Gin - in that slightly interpretation of "fun" known as embarrassing your children. Gin had talked some months ago of a fan fiction she was writing about One Direction. Well, her fanfic, published a couple of months ago online, she linked from her largely inactive 1D blog, which was linked from her Twitter profile, on which I follow her and she follows me back. Not exactly a treasure hunt to try to locate it, that. Well, she's been chatting online with Niall Horan, from the group, (a fact she said she didn't mind if I wrote about) and I asked her if he'd read her porn fanfic yet. She indignantly replied, "What is wrong with you?! Not all fanfic is like that!" Yeah, well I'd read it, hadn't I? Yes, it was. I said, "Um, it's linked to your Twitter profile."

Cue embarrassment. Horror. Utter mortification.

She deleted the story from the website - I'm not sure if it was her embarrassment about me having read it or the fact that I pointed out it was easy to find and not very flattering of Niall, and he might end up reading it. I told her that I didn't care. I'm not so far removed from her age that I forget what it was like. I just didn't have the internet available to me back then. I probably would have been a fanfic writer too. And hers wasn't like much of that horrible nastiness I've read. She kept it very loving and actually quite responsible. Her character was well above age of consent, developed a whole relationship before getting physical and even used protection. Definitely NOT like most of the other stories I'd read on the fanfic site where she posted. 

Well, after having another chat with her Niall, she seemed to recover enough that we've normalized relations.

I ordered a gift for her a few days ago, and it arrived today. She's been wanting one of those Infinite Directioner necklaces for a long time now. I kept the paper airplane for myself (I've kind of a soft spot for Harry, anyway). They're actually quite nice - especially for the price. 

Just for fun, here's a video of Gin watching the torture scene from the Japanese horror film "Audition." 

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