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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Another try at a week off

So I've attempted to take another week off work, and this one's already working out a lot better than my last attempt did.

I woke up Saturday morning to the sound of my "Glory, Glory Man United" alarm tone - specifically chosen because no sound is more likely to start my day off well than that tune. As I turned off the alarm, I was treated to an eyeful of my favorite face, who's temporarily become my wallpaper image on my phone again. :)

I got up and made myself a nice cup of coffee and settled in to watch the Manchester United v. Norwich City match. It got off to a slow start, but it more than picked up later, finishing off with a hat-trick for Shinji Kagawa and a screaming beauty of a goal by Wayne Rooney. A 4-0 win is certainly a good way to start my vacation time.

After the match, we were meant to go to my mother's house, but that had to be put off for a little while, since Gin, my 14-year-old daughter, decided we first HAD to watch a One Direction documentary together. I didn't mind. I've come to enjoy the boys quite a lot, and it keeps me closer to my daughter since she knows she can happily share all the latest news about them with me. 1D is her life right now, and my 11-year-old Munch is growing nearly as addicted. 

Well, after the 1D documentary, we were finally able to make it over to my mother's house. We were chatting, and of course, Gin got to talking about 1D. When she was off in the other room, I told my mom that I was able to find tickets for one of their shows - at about $400 per ticket. I didn't expect her to then say, "I can do the $1200. Order the tickets." Well, I pulled out my phone and got on StubHub immediately. There they were - three suite tickets for Auburn Hills, Mich., in July. I ordered the tickets, and Mom said not to say anything about it. I asked her, "How long am I supposed to keep a lid on this?" She suggested I wait until Munch's birthday on March 20th, but then I pointed out that she (Mom) would certainly want to see the reaction. She said, "It's your call."

So I called Gin into the kitchen and handed her my Blackberry showing the confirmation email for ticket purchase. She looked at the screen and said, "What's this?" So I scrolled up to the top of the email and slowly scrolled down so she could read it, "Thank you for your purchase....One Direction with 5 Seconds of Summer...Auburn Hills, Mich., 3 tickets....."

Her eyes grew wider and wider, and she went dead silent. Then tears started streaming down her face, and she ran out of the room completely overwhelmed.

So that was yesterday, and my first day of my week off work. 

It was pretty good. :)

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