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Monday, March 4, 2013

My second day off

While my second day off work for my vacation could really be considered no more that an ordinary weekend off work, it was better knowing that there was no work to go to the next day, and I could anticipate not having to set foot into my office for still more than a whole week. That alone is enough to improve an outlook for the day. 

And the day certainly couldn't top my first day off - I mean, how do you top getting One Direction tickets and making your daughter the happiest and weepiest teenager in the whole world, after all? OK. Maybe actually attending that One Direction concert. Or attending a Manchester United match. At Old Trafford. So, it would have been conceivable to top my first day off - but not actually possible. But I digress (I do that sometimes).

I got to sleep in for a little while, then the girls and I were off to my daughter Gin's cheerleading exhibition. her competition was canceled for the weekend, so the YMCA opted to put on a public exhibition instead, complete with the two cheer teams, dance team, and some of the acrobatics and gymnastics students. The kids still got to show off their skills, and we didn't have to drive to Cincinnati and back. 

We had a gap of an hour and a half after dropping off Gin and before we could get in for the show, so Munch and I had lunch at Applebee's. She always enjoys when we get to do something that's just the two of us. 

After cheer, we stopped off at the store for some junk food supplies and a new beanie for Gin (all Directioners need a solid collection of beanies to wear at every opportunity, after all), then we went home for a quiet evening of 1D videos on YouTube (that's become our evening routine). I published something I'd been working on and made a mental catalog of all the things I really should be getting on with during my precious time off work. 

My plans for the week mainly involve getting a lot of housework done and getting some applications in for a new job. If I manage to do that, I'll be satisfied with my vacation.

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