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Friday, April 23, 2010

Nominate Phil!!!!

So I got to have a little bit of excitement yesterday. Another "almost" brush with fame. My history with fame is fairly sweet, really, for a chick living in the middle of nowhere. I dated Sarah Jessica Parker's brother in college for nine months. (Well, dating might be a stretch of definition, but, ahem, I'll leave it at that). I got to party with the rock band Slaughter one night after a show back in my modeling days (was told even that the guitarist was planning to ask me out when he got back to Ohio, but unfortunately, he got married - then died). I even spent three years in a relationship with a bona fide television actor of some niche renown - that was the famous "P" of the early days of this blog (you know, the one who crushed my soul when he dumped me out of the blue) whose name I have not ever and will not ever post here.

Yesterday, my boss came out of his office and asked if I'd have a little time to write a story - nothing major, he said. Oh by the way, do I know who Phil Hartman is? It turns out, his sister has been living quietly in our newspaper's little hometown for the past ten years. Wow. That one got me. I always loved him. He was an amazing talent and a tragic loss. So anyway, his sister's decided to give up some of her local anonymity (most people had no idea she was his sister) because she and her brother Paul are working to get Phil inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame. Of course, I jumped at the story. I had a nice talk with Phil's sister, Nan. I even got to go through her scrapbook of some of his memorabilia and clips. I was agog when I pulled out his high school diploma. There I was on an ordinary day at work, holding Phil Hartman's high school diploma in my hand. Our young reporter was completely jealous. (The story ended up running front page today.)

On my drive home from work, my Blackberry rang, and it was Phil's brother Paul. We chatted for quite a while about the campaign, and I gave him a few social networking tips. He even invited me to become a fan of the page on Facebook and told me he'd make me an administrator. I've been tweeting to help get the word out and posted on my page too.

So here's the official pitch, btw, NOMINATE PHIL HARTMAN FOR CANADA'S WALK OF FAME!! Click HERE to fill out the nomination form. There's a contest for nominating that's open only to Canadians, but anyone can fill out the nomination form, and they all count. Anyone in the world - so just do it please. Help this very deserving, wonderful actor and man who was tragically taken too soon through no fault of his own (unlike many of those "Hollywood tragedy" stories). Honestly, does anyone NOT love Phil Hartman? His brother Paul told me that Phil is one of about a hundred candidates for one spot on the Walk of Fame, and he's not in the lead at the moment - mainly because the campaign for him started pretty late. But he is within reach, if people get to work on it. The deadline for nominations is April 30, so don't wait!

I even created a couple of custom tiny urls to make it easy to remember. The nomination page is at http://tinyurl.com/nominatephil and the Facebook group supporting it is at http://tinyurl.com/philhartman.

Please vote!!!

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