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Monday, April 12, 2010


I'm in transition. Or crisis. Or springtime.

It's a new week and I'm sporting a new haircut. I lopped off my long hair to medium length (bit below shoulder) a few weeks ago, but last night, most of the rest of it went. The back is now clipped to an inch, and the top and sides are about three inches. Pretty drastic. Jaws fell at the office, but it got raves all around.

I'm also sporting a new netbook. My new toy/tool. I've already justified it by taking it to a meeting tonight to take notes. I'm getting used to the new keyboard pretty quickly. I spent my hours between work and the meeting tonight getting all my immediately necessary software downloads. I think I'm going to love it. Already, I'm sitting on my bed instead of at my desk. Yep, it's good to be mobile again. (Ok, I could do this stuff on my Blackberry, but it's awfully hard on the thumbs.)

I'm thinking about leaving Facebook ... but I probably won't. I'll just spend less time there. I already am spending less time there. I've given up most of my games. I spend more time on Twitter now, as I actually interact with people there. Since most of the people I care about have been MIA on FB lately, it's just depressing to be there sometimes. Particularly when they ARE there, and I initiate a chat, and it gets ignored. *Sigh* Nevermind. Distance growing that depresses me. I'll move on. Or lock it away into my handy little avoidance box.

Time to obsess over football a little while longer. The season will be ending soon. I'll be wandering aimlessly for a while again. Or maybe not this time. My Twitter pals will probably make a good support group. And it's a World Cup year, so I've got the international teams (even though I won't have any of my Man United for a while). Plus a possible trip to Chicago to see them live. Ok. I'm good now. :)

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