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Friday, April 30, 2010

Crazy schedule

What a hectic week! I thought I'd be able to manage it, but I seem to be slipping further and further behind!

We've got a reporter on vacation, so I've had to pick up his court duties. I fear I'm failing miserably at it. I got all of two minutes of "training" on it, and it's the court that I've never done before, so I've got no experience at it. That's eating into my hours quite a lot and ensuring some long days. And of course, there's no overtime allowed, so since I haven't mastered the art of bending space and time, I'm falling behind rapidly.

I also had a political banquet to cover last night. It was originally thought that it would take about two hours of my time, but then they had to rearrange the speaker schedule, so it took four. Four hours out of my 40 for the week. That's a pretty precious investment.

And to top it off, I'm working the night desk tonight. That's always a longer-than-normal day, but I have to go in even earlier than usual to pick up more court news. And I have to write a second article from last night's banquet (for the interview I had to arrive early to get). Plus I'm already a page behind because the person who allocated the pages gave me extra (even though the person on the night desk isn't supposed to get any extra pages.)

I've got other stories that I haven't been able to progress at all on all week. Clearly, I'm going to have something to do on Monday - when normally, that's a really slow day. Hoping I can get it all caught up then.

I'm looking forward to the weekend when work is ... well, not done, but at least off the table for a bit. I'll sleep in a little on Saturday, but then Sunday's all loaded with stress. I'll be up early for the Liverpool/Chelsea game and rather uncomfortably cheering on the 'puddlians with all my heart. Then I'll need a shower. But there's no time for that, because afterward my beloved Manchester United Red Devils will be taking on Sunderland in an absolute must-win situation. I fear less for the outcome of that than the outcome of the 'pool/'ski match though, because if Chelsea win, our title hopes are out the window.

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