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Thursday, January 22, 2009

At Acobay, it's all about the stuff

Okay, if you're bored with the usual social networking thing - or even better, if you're so caught up in it, you want MORE social networking possibilities, Acobay has a whole new way of networking.
Acobay is a consumer community. You go in and register for your account. It takes all of about a minute. Really easy process. Then you're on your way.
So how do you get your profile going? Well, here's the cool part - IT'S ALL ABOUT THE STUFF! The stuff? Yes! Your stuff! What kind of phone do you use? What kind of car do you drive? What magazines do you read? What movies do you like? What are your favorite restaurants? What are your favorite toys? Anything!
You plug in your stuff and you're automatically networked with other people with the same stuff! You can discuss your stuff, and then you can find all the other things you have in common. Pretty cool idea, I think. I'm signed up.

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