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Sunday, January 11, 2009

HELLLLOOOOO?!?!?!?! idiot....

Had a good laugh at my own expense today. I was talking on the phone with my mother. She just got a new cell phone plan, and she wanted to let me know that she was tired of fighting with customer service over porting her old number to the new phone, so she was just going to take the new number they gave her. "Oh, ok. Let me put the new number in my phone," I said.
I started looking around my bed where I was sitting. "Wait a minute," I said. "It was just here......"
I picked up the book next to me. Nope, not under there. Looked under the pillow. Nope. Mixed up in the blankets somewhere? Nope. "Hang on.....damn it. I was JUST on it a minute ago because my internet dropped, and I was using it to check my Facebook account."
I got up and started looking all around the room. "I don't know what the hell happened to it, Mom. It was JUST here!"
Checked my coat pockets. Nope. Did I throw it in my purse? Nope. Did I stick it in my jeans pocket? Nope.
"What the hell?!"
"That's alright," she said. "You'll find it. I do that all the time."
Five minutes later.......after running downstairs to check the kitchen and the bathroom.....
"Oh hell...... I'M A FRICKIN' MORON! HELLLLLOOOOOOO?!?!?!? I'm ON my phone!"
She laughed.
"Hey, wait a minute!" I said. "YOU didn't get it either, and YOU called ME!"
It's been that kind of day. Two days, really. I'm scattered.


Anonymous said...

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Windmill said...



good one!

On The Verge said...

You are not alone. I have done this one myself!


Jude said...

You are not alone, sometimes I scare myself with all the things that happen like this to myself however I don't think I've done the phone episode...Yet.

Sherrie said...

LOL! Now that's funny. I do thay with my sunglasses when they are on my head...lol.

Goddess said...

I felt like an idiot! Before I got Lasik, I used to do it with my glasses when they were on my face too! The sad thing is, it wasn't my brain that kicked in to remind me that I was ON my phone - I happened to notice out of the corner of my eye that it was next to my face!

Carmi said...

I so relate to moments like this, so please know that you're not alone. The fact that you can laugh at yourself in the process says it all. My, how I wish more folks among us had a sense of humor - especially about themselves.