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Saturday, December 5, 2009


My friend D recommended a book to me a few days ago called "The Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield. He knows I'm a Taoist, and we've discussed that before, so he said when he read this, he thought it had me "written all over it."

Naturally, that intrigued me. I downloaded it Thursday night onto my Blackberry, and I've been rapt ever since. I could definitely see why he thought of me when he read it. By the time I went to sleep last night, I'd gotten through the section on the Third Insight, regarding energy. That really fascinated me. It's very much akin to the concept of chi. I don't remember ever discussing that with D before, and if I haven't, I'm impressed by his own insight. If I have, I'm impressed that he remembered it, because as I said, I don't. Of course, I've discussed various levels and aspects of my life philosophy with many people, so it's probable that many of the specific conversations and courses of discussion have slipped my mind.

I must say, as the book has progressed, it's captured my attention completely. I expect I'll be finishing it tonight - or tomorrow at the latest. I didn't get much sleep last night (about two hours), so despite my nap earlier, it's possible that I'll fall off at a moderately reasonable hour. It's after midnight now. Moderately reasonable is relative.

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