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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Delayed start to the week

Another week has begun, though I delayed it as long as possible. I got an unexpected extension of my holiday weekend, as my regular Monday night commission meeting was canceled - so I didn't have to work.

I actually managed to do quite a lot over the weekend, but I still haven't gotten my new kitchen faucet installed. I really do have to get to that. I didn't have Book this weekend, so the girls and I took advantage of a full Saturday at home. They actually managed to clean their entire room (Munch said, "Wow! It's been a while since we've seen the carpet!"), and we have a mountain of laundry as a result, which is slowly being whittled down.

On Sunday, my mother gave me a call asking if the girls and I would like to take a trek back to my hometown for some taco pizza at the place that makes the world's BEST. It was worth the drive of more than an hour, and we also did a little shopping while we were out. We even stopped off to see my long lost cousin and her family for a few minutes on the way back. I don't think we've seen each other since last Christmas, and since mom decided not to host her sisters and their children for this year's Thanksgiving, it seemed appropriate to stop for a visit. It's also the first time I've seen my aunt since she was diagnosed with cancer. She's still hanging in there, though it's been about two months, and even then, the doctor's were pretty much predicting "any time now."

Yesterday I actually got to have a real conversation with my friend D, who's been almost completely absent from my life for the past few months. It was nice to reconnect. I missed him.

Today's agenda has only a phone report to do for work and further whittling of the laundry mountain. Oh... and of course the Manchester United - Tottenham game. :)

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