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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'll do it tomorrow..... really

Despite my best efforts and a hard-fought campaign, it appears that this "Christmas" thing is indeed coming. And it's getting here in .... what? ... nine days?! How did that happen?!

Nine days. OK. I can procrastinate a little longer. No, wait. No, I can't. I'll be getting Book on Wednesday, and we'll be doing our whole "Christmas" thing on Thursday. Christmas Eve. So, that's eight days. Seven really. I have to be done by then. Six if I'm realistic, because I kind of need to wrap all that stuff and everything, don't I?

So I've got six days. Less than a week. I could do it this weekend...... Yech, that's the last weekend before Christmas. Stores are a nightmare. No thank you!!

Well, any other time, I've got the girls. I can't very well take them Christmas shopping for their own gifts with me. So, I guess that means I have to go while they're in school. They're in school right now. But I'm not dressed yet. I slept in to try to catch up on all the sleeping I haven't been doing lately. And there's a game this afternoon. I absolutely HAVE to watch the Chelsea game to see if there's any way Portsmouth can take them out and put my Man United boys back at the top of the Premier League table (not counting goal difference, of course, but one more game could level that out).

But I digress. No, I avoid and evade. So, the answer is simply that I CAN'T POSSIBLY do it today. All right. It's decided then. I'll finish the Christmas shopping tomorrow. There. It's settled.

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