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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cabin fever

Well, this winter decided to sneak up on us a little, didn't it?

After a mild December and January, we were suddenly hit with a February of fairly mind-boggling proportions.

Actually, I wasn't all that surprised. When winter was slipping quietly by, people kept commenting on it, and I kept responding, "Just wait. We've still got February." This is Ohio. I know how it gets. It's done it before.

Well we heard the reports of heavy snow coming in Friday, but first thing in the morning, my lawn was still green/brown and bare. By noon, all that had changed. By early afternoon, it got bad enough that the kids were sent home early from school. And it went on....

I canceled getting Book again for the weekend, because I knew the roads wouldn't be fit to travel. I didn't think it would last though. Wrong.

I ventured out to the store on Sunday afternoon - a full day after the snow had stopped - and the roads were still in horrible shape.

School was canceled on Monday, then the snow started up again. Another 7-10 inches. Pooh got stuck in a ditch. I impressed myself with my driving skills managing to get him back out to his car to meet the tow truck and back in town without getting stuck anywhere - despite rutted roads with drifts fully a foot deep across the road. Have I mentioned I love my Honda CRV? It's amazing what that cute little thing can handle.

I ventured back out today, but not in my car. Munch and I bundled up and walked over to the store. It wasn't too bad actually. There was some gusty wind, but my awesome arctic coat kept me warm, and Munch was enjoying it so much she was skipping down the middle of the street. (The sidewalks were buried.)

School ended up being canceled Tuesday and today too. They've already called for a two-hour delay at least for tomorrow. I guess I'll have to wait until morning to find out if we've got another day of cabin fever ahead.

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