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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Forced confinement

I've been trapped in the house by snow since Friday, and though I never do get out much, this forced confinement is starting to get to me.

I watched the Man United-Portsmouth match yesterday, and though I did sort of enjoy the thorough trouncing (5-0), I couldn't much get into the match because my connection was awful. Besides, I wouldn't have expected anything less in a match-up with the bottom team on the Premier League table. It put Man United back on top, but not for long.

I started watching the Chelsea-Arsenal match this morning, but it was proving to be a waste of time there too, as Chelsea are up 2-0 at the moment - putting them back at the top of the table again. Ah well, can't count on Arsenal to fight our battles for us I suppose.

I took a shower to wash away the filth of cheering for Arsenal for 45 minutes then settled in to start on some much-needed housework. When I got out, I found that the girls had done a runner. I shouldn't have warned them before my shower that we'd be cleaning. They'll be coming from the park freezing and soaking wet, I'm sure. They know I won't be going after them to chase them down because Pooh's got his car parked behind mine, and I'm not walking to the park and back with my head wet. Smart thinking on their part - until they get back. It'll be no TV, no computer and double chore duty for them.

I was a little disappointed to see that I didn't have any assignments to personally cover any meetings for work this week. All I've got are some phone checks, so I'll be in probably all week. I was less disappointed when I saw the forecast for more snow coming Tuesday and Wednesday. The radio station from a neighboring county says another 6-10 inches. We've already had about 8 or 9, with drifts of considerably more. The nearest TV station, which is from the county to the south, says it'll be another few inches. Located between the two, I wonder what we'll be getting here. Doesn't much matter, I suppose, if I don't have to go out.

Maybe I'll make some progress on the house.

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