"I want, I want, I want ... but that's crazy"

Monday, April 7, 2008

It's all an optical illusion anyway

I've officially given up the sensory deprivation experiment, although it never really got started. I have a perfectly reasonable excuse though. A character from my past has reappeared in my life, and I wanted to firmly establish my presence in my present. It might just work out for the best this way after all.
I do still need my daily distractions, however, as I do not have the full access to my favorite addiction to fill my days. I've kept myself busy and productive with work and home, as well as my workout regimen. That could prove useful as well.
This is to be yet another brief entry, but I have some plans that I'm hoping to implement after this weekend is over, and my big work project is completed. Stay tuned!
In the mean time, contemplate this ........(click on the pic to view it full size)

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