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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pop-Tarts and cheap wine

I have found myself at home on a Saturday night with no children. This almost never happens. And although this rare event might seem to be a blessing, what it does is remind me that I have no life. And here on my little corner at the intersection of Nowhere and Where The F**k Is That?!?!, I don't even have the option of a life.

So, tonight for me is:
cheap wine
Harry Potter
the Dean Koontz novel I have been unable to finish for some reason

And as an aside, I love logicians.....sigh......

Just in case you missed some of today's top news (some serious...some not so much...):

Sharpton vows to 'close this city' after officer acquittals - I pray this remains peaceful.
Clinton Tries a Different Debate Debate - What do you think of seeing these two in a Lincoln-Douglas kind of debate today? Debating is not Obama's strength, but this format would be interesting. Hmmm... (Don't miss the comments at the end!!)
Florida lawmakers consider bill banning ornamental testicles - I wanna read that bill.......sooooo badly.
Why it's time to dump the Web 2.0 sobriquet once and for all - Admit it...this was the first thing on your mind when you woke up this morning...
Torch protests planned for Seoul - I say, "Good. Keep it up. But, please, show a little dignity."
Bush tweaks candidates at correspondents' dinner hehe...Cheney's dungeon...hehe
Newlywed Gary Coleman brings marital woes to `Divorce Court' - that would be the same marriage that they kept secret for six months because they wanted to avoid publicity.

Speaking of news stories, if the situation were exactly the same would Brad Pitt have been sentenced to a three-year term in prison for the non-violent, misdemeanor offense of failing to file tax returns on earnings of $38.5 million? Just wondering......


Angel said...

I love both pop-tarts and cheap wine!
You are my new favorite blog:)

Rachel S said...

Thanks so much! And it turned out to be a soul-restorative night for me....:)