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Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's a matter of priority

Hmmm, seems America's got her priorities in order. Last night's presidential debate between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton was the most watched debate of this presidential campaign. No big surprise there. Lots of stuff has been going the past six weeks, and we've all been waiting for those two to have to be face-to-face when confronted by all of it.

No, that's not the interesting part.

What's interesting is that the first half of the two-hour debate was No. 1 in its time slot (the 8 to 9 pm hour), it fell to third place in its second half (the 9 to 10 pm hour). What show won the 9 to 10 slot? American Idol, of course. So a big chunk of the audience tuning in to the debate that would clarify the issues involving how this country will be run for the next four years turned the channel, to watch American Idol. Not even the American Idol performances - it was the results show. So, even though the outcome in the results show occurs in the last minute or two of the show, people turned off the debate to turn on Idol.

Top that with the fact that Idol's ratings tied with its lowest in five years. The lowest rated Idol in five years and its viewership was more than double that of the presidential debate - the first half of the presidential debate - the half of the presidential debate that was the MOST watched one this campaign. Hmmm....

Yep, America's got her priorities all figured out.


DrBurst said...

Did you consider that most people have given up on both parties. They view both parties as usless. Or that they are sick of the mudslinging, they didn't cover a single issue until 1/4ths of the way through about.

Rachel S said...

Yes, it was 45 mins. until an actual issue was addressed, but that was how the questions were put forth by the moderators. I was surprised to see that some viewers were surprised by this particular arrangement of the questions, because this is what I was fully expecting from the beginning. We've all watched the news over the past six weeks and had to know the first so-called issues addressed would be all those little pseudo-scandals that have come up. It had to be done in order to put it behind and move forward to the things that do matter.

Kat said...

I usually watch them all but admit I missed this one