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Thursday, April 3, 2008

My music is back!

I'm back in the music today!

Back in January I decided to finally upgrade my old mp3 player (which is still a great little player, but with far too little memory - expandable though.....but anyway...) to a combo mp3/mp4 that I could use for music and videos, and carry around to show off pics of my kids and my sweetie. I was unwilling to spend the insanely high prices demanded by Apple for their cute little iPods, so I went on the hunt for a sleek little unit with all the bells and whistles for a considerably lower price. I found one - from a company in Hong Kong. It seemed to be a bargain, but I wasn't sure I should take the chance. I searched for reviews, and what little I could find seemed to point to it being a decent little product. I bit the bullet and ordered it. I got the player, and it seemed pretty great. No instructions were included, so it took some experimenting to get it all figured out. (I still have no idea how to work the games that were included.) I put some songs on it, but not nearly the contents of my massive music library saved on my computer. I just wanted to test it out and get the hang of it first. Sounded good. I was pleased.
Well, a few days after I got the player, I was experimenting with some new music software on my computer. The program had one nifty little button that allows the user to copy files to a device then clear the folder automatically. Unfortunately, the program was saved within the same folder as most of the contents of my music library. (Some was saved elsewhere, as I was in the process of reorganizing it all, but the vast majority was lost.) And with one click of a button, the entire contents - nearly 2,000 songs - were irretrievably wiped out. Gone. Kaput. I've begun the long and arduous process of replacing it. (I also dumped that software, so I will NEVER AGAIN hit that button!)
Life got a little hectic around that time, so I didn't spend much time with the music or the music player for a little while. When I got back to it a few weeks later, I found that the power switch on my new mp3/mp4 player wouldn't function. It wouldn't power up. I tried plugging it into the computer, and it worked fine. But when I unplugged it, it turned off and wouldn't come back on. I was able to retrieve the songs saved on it back to my computer, but the player seemed worthless otherwise.
In what seemed a long shot, I contacted customer service. I explained the problem and asked if there was any way to get the unit replaced without having to pay the international postage that would cost nearly as much as a new unit. Much to my surprise - they responded....and within less than 48 hours. I was highly impressed, as I've dealt with reputable American companies that don't even bother to reply at all. Anyway, they said if I wanted to replace the unit under the warranty, I would have to pay for the postage - BUT - they offered a possible solution. I tried it out tonight, and lo and behold....IT WORKED! So my nifty little bargain is fully functional again, and I was inspired enough to spend a good portion of the evening working again on my music library.

(The work on the library also served as a handy distraction in my sensory deprivation experiment - until I realized that I seemed to be amassing a disproportionate number of reggae songs... At least it was easier on my bank account than shoe shopping.)

I also managed today to fix the garbage disposal that's been on the fritz for a week and clear the clogged drain that had resulted from it. (Yes, I CAN do anything) I even got in a good workout. So all in all, pretty productive day....

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